Stunt Granny Audio Presents: The Audio Experience #1


Yes you read that correctly, the internet icons are back. After a long legal battle Dusty and Jeremy have returned to bring you the greatest podcast in the history of the internet. Listen as the boys reintroduce themselves to their listening audience and explain their begging. Somehow they have never been given the credit they deserve for being at the forefront of the podcasting future.  How was it they lasted so long to begin with considering the horrible, horrible things they used to do and say? They then move on to the biggest story of the day in LeBron James. They use their usual deductive skills and bring out angles no one else has talked about. No seriously, they really do. They also discuss just why the Carmelo Anthony hype is hilariously overblown and a product of ESPN. Speaking of ESPN, just how terrible is that network now?  Just like the past though things don’t always go smoothly so make sure and listen and welcome the boys back with big numbers. Yes, seriously, download this stuff to make sure they feel special still. You owe it to them.

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