Stunt Granny Audio: OHPA 13 – Mike Trout & Roko’s Basilisk

BasiliskYou are not dreaming, OHPA 12 is still parked in the fourth circle of Garage Band hell so Ken & Kevin skipped ahead to 13. They are accompanied by the man who is now debuting for a second time, Adam Vlcek. Their first topic was the greatness of Mike Trout. Who brought this topic to the table? Do they even know what wAR means? Do they even watch baseball? How good have Trout’s first three seasons been? Who do they compare to in the history of baseball? Is Honus Wagner more than just a rare baseball card? Does this topic have a similar feel to that of Lionel Messi that Ken & Kevin talked about during the World Cup? Why is Trout not as well known as Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter? Roko’s Basilisk is definitely not as well known as any of those athletes. Does it have anything to do with the mythical basilisk? What was the amusing name of the website where this paradox was created? Is it similar to Pascal’s Wager?  Why were people so horrified by this question? Will any of your hosts freak out while talking about this topic? Find out when you click on the link below!

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