#SippyTimeBeer Review – @GooseIsland and @SunKingBrewing

Sun KingI had a major travel snafu that was never fully addressed on the site on my way back from Colorado. Before even checking in in Denver, my flight was pushed back far enough that I couldn’t make it to my connection. After solving that problem, I sat with my Lady until her flight left. She had arrived from Austin so she was flying American. Since I flew from Columbus, I had taken United. When I saw her off, my flight was still on schedule to leave. By the time I got to my terminal my flight was delayed yet again. And again. And again. That is when I worked on several things including the review for Bristol Brewing Company. By the time I finally got to Chicago, all outbound flights were cancelled because pilots can only fly for “X” number of hours. I was forced to stay the night in Chicago then drive back to Columbus. I missed narrowly having a second meal that day since my food got to me shortly after midnight. I took advantage of this time by throwing back a couple of different Goose Islands though I was hoping for Revolution Brewing. When I got back to my hotel room, I scouted breweries after booking my rental car. Not far off of I-65 and I-70 in Indianapolis is Sun King Brewing. Here are my reviews of the beers I had while getting screwed over by a smoking exhaust fan in the control tower in Chicago.

IMG_20140514_000057Goose Island Beer Co.Green Line Pale AleBijan’s Bistro was thankfully open late, one of the few restaurants in Chicago in the immediate area near my hotel at the time. This beer is considered a classic urban ales. Even for a pale ale, this one is low on the IBU scale at 30. They use Millennium, Mt. Hood and Zythos hops in it. I’m not sure if they account for 10 IBUs each. They say there are citrus notes in there but I didn’t taste them. This beverage is on the cusp of sessionable but at 5.4% ABV it just qualifies. This beer was named after their initiative to “Green” their business practices. It wasn’t the best beer but it hit the spot at a time of need.

IMG_20140514_005057Goose Island Beer Co.Ten Hills Pale Ale – As I mowed down a fabulous meatloaf sandwich (highly suggested) I started drinking this beer. It is one of their classic seasonal ales that is supposed to run from December to March but I got in May. This one was more my speed at 50 IBUs. They used Casade, Perle and US Saaz hops from the first ten hills of Elk Mountain Farms in Idaho. To me, the Cascade hops provide more of the citrus they were looking for in the Green Line. This one not only has more hops, it has more alcohol too at 6.2% ABV. I would suggest drinking this one, so long as it’s available.

IMG_20140515_234901Sun King Brewing Co.Wee Mac Scottish Ale – Even though I was on a self imposed deadline to get back to Columbus for a showing of The Book of Mormon, I wasn’t about to make this detour without picking up some beer. I wanted to go to Triton Brewery which I had tried at the Columbus Winter Beerfest but they weren’t open at the time I was passing through Indianapolis. It’s always good to try something new anyway. With my new found affinity for Scottish Ales, this choice was logical. It is also one of their three house beers. As expected, this beer was malt heavy. It had marginally more more hops than most Scottish Ales I have tasted but at 23 IBU it still wasn’t very noticeable. Wee Mac has a 5.3% ABV so it is a sessionable beer which was good because I finished this mini-growler with a quickness.

IMG_20140519_232422Sun King Brewing Co.Fistful of Hops – Sun King has four styles of IPA under the Fistful of Hops name. One is for each quarter of the year. I ended up getting the green label, second quarter IPA. They use the same malt mix in each quarter but they change up the hops combinations. Warrior, Mandarina and Galaxy is the combination for this one. I’m not familiar with Warrior & Mandarina but was just talking about Galaxy hops last week for IPA Day. It has a nice citrusy tang to it to help cut through the bitterness of the other hops. It certainly has plenty of that with a 75 IBU. The hops doesn’t go full force in the ABV department though at 6.4%. Sun King has a good thing going on and it’d be great to try all four quarters of this IPA to see how it changes. Alas, no more trips through Indy are planned.

When the airlines give you lemons, I suggest making lemonade. Or at least stopping by the nearest city to grab a quality #SippyTimeBeer because you can find them all over this fine country of ours. – Kevin

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