Stunt Granny Audio: OHPA 16

Seven-SinsKen & Kevin were watching the Seattle Seahawks take on the Green Bay Packers as they recorded their show so naturally they started off the show talking about the National Football League. Is Kevin lusting after Russell Wilson & Antonio Brown or is he more envious? How awkward does this conversation get? Why did they start talking about the Fappening? Who other than Kate Upton had their pictures leaked? How bad is Kevin at searching for information on Google? They move back to the NFL finally and wonder what the Pittsburgh Steelers will bring this up coming year? Who do these guys actually hate since Cleveland Browns haven’t been the same since re-in-statement in the NFL? How long have the Cincinnati Bengals been a thorn in their side? How much do they hate the Baltimore Ravens? Ken & Kevin pivot to the much hated Russians or at least they used to be. Russian astronauts found sea plankton on the International Space Station. How cool is that? Does that open the door for life on other planets? Or did the plankton attach itself at the time of launch from Kazakhstan? What does the plankton have to do with tardigrades? Where have they been found? Have they even given up on New Jersey? How small are they? Can tardigrades survive in the vacuum of space? How do they go into stasis? What gets them out of stasis? Hagfish has been in an evolutionary stasis for 300 million years. What makes this creature so interesting? Why are they similar to spiders? What are their differences? Why is e coli involved in this experiment? When are the conclusions expected? Both of these talking points are futuristic so Ken & Kevin finish in the past by talking about vikings invading England. How many female warriors were there? How do they determine that? Were the vikings there to conquer or cultivate? What does this have to do with Vikings on the History Channel? Do you expect TV to mangle what really happened in history? How far from accurate was Mel Gibson’s Braveheart? Would the female warriors that came over with the vikings have worn “boob plate” armor? Why not? What are the dynamics of plate armor? Last but not least, Kevin gives out his beer of the week which Ken supplied. Hop on the time machine to talk about the present, future and past when you click on the link below!

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