Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 5 – Episode 3 – Four Walls and a Roof

Mmmm...fresh, local zombie.

Mmmm…fresh, local zombie.

Jeremy:  Yo yo, yeah back at it
Kevin:  I’d ask you how things went but I’m pretty sure you posted everything except for the sex
Jeremy:  nah man we didnt really. jsut th food mostly. was a lot of fun, great city
Kevin:  Cool man. Glad you had a good time.
Jeremy:  yeah, relaxing. she turned in to a teenager checkign FB all teh tiem for likes n our pictures.
Kevin Ha. Well, there was no liking going on last in Walking Dead. Unless you liked killing people.
Jeremy:  Nice work there. Yeah man, good tension all the way through as well. So surprised that the Terminus people are all gone so quickly?
Kevin Not after the place got blown up in the season opening episode. It’s giving me dread over what Morgan is doing though. Terminus was clearly obsessed with the group so they weren’t paying attention to him. He’s still floating out there somewhere.
Jeremy:  I figured that small group would have been the central antagonist through the first half of the season. Seeing them get butchered was pretty shocking.
Kevin:  The butchering did get to me. Rick did follow thru on his promise though not to waste bullets. He did let the leader beg for a bit though.
Jeremy:  I figured he was a goner but was expecting a throat slit or something. Mutilating the guy was a but much. Then seeing the others going to town as well was grim.
Kevin:  Do you mean Eugene & crew heading to DC?
Jeremy:  Sorry, poor choice of words for this episode. I meant Sasha, Michonne cutting up the other members. Sasha especially. she was in a straight prison vibe.
Kevin:  Now that I re-read the section, it makes sense. Going to town is so important action in this show so it flipped a switch. We’re going to town to get food then something horrific happens. Sasha was a little extra pissed off since her boy friend just had his leg eaten by them.
Jeremy:  Yes she was and it was nice to see her have that real moment of clarity wash over her once it was finished. Her agonizing over killing Bob sealed her anguish. Good stuff right there.
Kevin You could tell that relationship was coming for a while now even if they didn’t get that much screen time. Bob informing the Terminus crew they were eating poisoned meat was a fantastic move on his part.
Jeremy:  I knew that part was coming from the comics even if it was Dale originally. I more enjoyed Gareth’s reaction. ” We cooked it, its fine.” Um, if so then why not eat walkers?
Kevin I figured Gareth was just trying to keep the others from freaking out. You do raise a good point though, you could eat what’s left of some of the walkers. I’d imagine some of them aren’t salvageable. Can’t cook away years of decay. Go fresh, go local when eating zombies too.
Jeremy:  Yes a new slogan, kill and eat local. Just Gareth saying that was about the only crack in his calculated speech. He came across as a Governor lite character.
Kevin:  He was certainly trying to make Bob think that Terminus wasn’t just going to eat the Prison crew. Gareth did have a nice manifesto going for himself except without a real trigger. The Governor was fueled by his zombie daughter. Gareth didn’t quite give a clear time when they flipped to cannibalism.
Jeremy:  I thought he mentioned they had a community and then when they were attacked by the unknown crew they flipped. It was hunt or be hunted time. I still got the feeling, and with what little catch up I have been doing I am not the only one, that there was something more to Bob and Gareth.
Kevin:  I mentioned something in the first episode of the season because Gareth singled Bob out when they had them over the blood letting trough. There are some topics I’m surprised aren’t investigated more just because there’s so much talking in between the dread around everyone.
Jeremy:  I remember you saying that and it makes more sense now. Suppose there is still time if they wanted to flesh it out but seems like a moot point. Now was the plan for Rick and gang to make it seem like they left or did they just happen to come back?
Kevin It was a plan in my opinion. They weren’t gone for the 20 minute round trip the Reverend suggested when saying where he thought their camp was.
Jeremy:  I was typing to Elyse they would show up and save the day but it was more hope than anything. Probably one of the top 5 tense moments on the show. I was waiting for Gabriel to turn em over.
Kevin:  The way that show runs, I was expecting the ones in the church to die so I didn’t think it was a plan until after seeing everything go down.
Jeremy:  If Carl and Tyreese weren’t there I would have been on the same train of thought.  Forgot to ask, as you were a Bob hater, how you feel about his death?
Kevin:  Hahaha. I was a Bob hater. Like everything side character who finally suffered death long after everyone expected it, he had his best episode right as he’s being killed.
Jeremy:  Yup. He was super annoying and had zero chemistry with Sasha.  Their kissing last week was awkward. Why did it take so long for him to turn, even if he never did? That was awkward. Glen mentioned the guy from Season 1 taking 2 days but damn.
Kevin:  That was certainly an issue on my mind last night. Bob hung on for a long time. Couldn’t remember how long it took people who were just wounded or if the size of the wound was even relevant.
Jeremy:  Sure seemed like when it was story convenient it happened a lot faster. I was fine with it as going as it was acknowledged.
There was also a concerted effort to give Abraham more of a voice. His head to head with Rick was really good.
Kevin:  You talked about the back story not being fleshed out for others. I hope Abraham and their little group gets more of it. Maggie & Glenn went with them so there must be something to his leadership. Abraham showed some of it in the confrontation. I love Michael Cudlitz as an actor so I’d be more than happy to see more of him on the show.
Jeremy:  Yeah he has chops and finally got to flex em a little. Glenn and Maggie are little bitches. They offered to go and then act all shocked at Rick and the others taking care of business. The Terminus bunch did exactly what Rick said they would do so they had to be deal with.
Kevin:  For all of Maggie’s shock, she was pretty blaise when telling the Reverend the church was just four walls and a roof. You’d think with their troubles with Woodbury, Maggie & Glenn would know Terminus needed to be dealt with.
Jeremy:  Exactly right. Rules of life have changed and survival is of the utmost importance. The series in general has shifted away from the slim chances of hope. How anyone in that group is not on board is beyond me. Stupid Tyreese not killing Martin,  the worlds worst Tigers fan, wont get addressed since Carol wasn’t there but should.
Kevin:  Tyreese was an idiot for leaving him alive though I’m not sure Gareth would have changed his plans to go after Rick & the group. I was a little surprised Tyreese killed Bob though. Nice of him to spare his sister that burden.
Jeremy:  I guess we are supposed to think he sees killing is alright as long as it is a mercy killing? Gareth wouldn’t have changed a thing for sure.
Kevin:  Now that he’s been a victim of a mercy killing, he’s all for it.
Jeremy:  We have totally gotten away form talking about Daryl and Carol taking off after the kidnappers. All of the action was so focused on the church they kind of fell to the wayside.
Kevin:  Even from last episode weeks episode that we skipped, Carol & Daryl weren’t addressed much. For some reason, I thought Terminus was involved but the previews and the episode itself show that wasn’t the case.
Jeremy:  That structure did make Daryl’s reappearance a little surprising. The eventual cliffhanger was good television as well. I figure he is talking to a group of people instead of just one person.
Kevin:  I was shocked. Like I said, I know Morgan is out there somewhere so I figured it was him, not Daryl. He did make reference of Carol not being there so there was plenty of intrigue at the very end of that show.
Jeremy:  Yeah, it could be Morgan but it felt like that was more for fans than a story point. Thinking back on it his proximity would be around that church by now.
Kevin After seeing the preview, I was wondering if there was someone they could have found where Beth was being held.
Jeremy:  Yeah hence the group of people possibility although wouldn’t Daryl be a tad skeptical of another group?
Kevin:  I would think so since he’s been that way pretty much the entire run of the series. Your idea of it being Morgan is a good one. Where did he pick him up though is would be the big question. Great cliff hanger.
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