People still order WWE PPVS

WWE’s 2014 third quarter numbers were released but I was sick so between naps and catching up on the DVR there was no opportunity to go over them. Now that whatever death bug has purged itself of my system it seems that stupidity reigns supreme. How else can anyone explain the domestic PPV buy rates for events covered on the WWE Network? Here is a quick rundown of the buys. While reading this remember that the WWE network costs $9.99 a month and at the time that came with a 6 month commitment that brought you 5 other PPVs that normally run fifty bucks a pop.

Money In the Bank 2014 – 99,000
SummerSlam 2014 – 147,000
Night of Champions 2014 – 48,000

Holy shit there really is that many stupid people out there? Even with a 6 month commitment to the WWE Network you save money. Is it possible these are bars? Is it possible there is no internet connection at these “houses?” Someone, anyone, please help me understand how 147,000 people (It only takes one person to order an event, thus the people) would choose to spend $50.00 on one sole event instead of $60.00 on everything.

This isn’t an ad for the WWE Network. If it fails then we all go back to illegally pirating the overpriced garbage they shill. It is mind boggling though that anyone would pay anything but ten bucks a month for anything WWE offers right now let alone one event price of fifty one dollar bills; 400 quarters or 500 dimes. If this post helps one person out there save money it still won’t be enough. All it will mean is that there are 146,999 other morons who don’t understand a budget and financial planning on a kindergarten level. -Jeremy

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