Stunt Granny Audio: OHPA 23


Smarf from Adult Swim’s Too Many Cooks by way of

Ken & Kevin are back for another week of merriment. They start by talking about Too Many Cooks, a short produced by Adult Swim. Is this going to be a full blown show? Who directed it? Who did they draw inspiration from? What is the theme? How many can Ken & Kevin identify? Who are the actors in the video? How desperate is Sony to keep the Spider Man franchise? What was recently suggested as a possible movie subject to keep the franchise? Did Ken & Kevin consult Jeremy & Shahid before talking about this movie topic? What other possible movie ideas have been floated out to keep the Spider Man franchise with Sony? Your hosts move on from this web slinging topic, to an interweb subject. His name is Shingy and he works for AOL. How many subscribers do they have now? How many 1000 hour disks did Ken & Kevin have sitting around their house? What is Shingy’s nickname? What makes him so famous? What are the writer’s intentions? Your hosts last subject of the night was Singles Day. More precisely, Alibaba‘s sales during Singles Day. What record setting number of sales did they make? Who are they? Why did their stock drop during this spectacular sales day? This show only goes up in value as you listen, so click on the link below!

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