Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 5 – Episode 6: Consumed

Carol And Daryl Consumed


Kevin:  We got plenty to post today. But are you ready to start typing about The Walking Dead?
Jeremy:  Yeah man. Really not sure where to start with this weeks episode. It was very good but that car hanging off the bridge scene was ridiculous. Even for this show.
Kevin They tend to avoid situations like that. I knew what Daryl & Carol were thinking but I didn’t think they’d end up on the wheels. Good planning to get out of the situation. Ridiculous result.
Jeremy:  Did I miss an absolute herd?  The situation didn’t seem to call for such a drastic decision.
Kevin That part of the situation was weird too. They felt like it was safe enough to go check on a van on a long bridge. As soon as they get there, a huge herd pops up.
Jeremy:  This is the exact situation I thought of as well. They go all the way out to check this van. They make no noise whatsoever and then suddenly they are jumping in the front to fall over the bridge. Now, how did it land on its tires? It look pretty clear to be falling top side down. Is this another one of these Walking Dead scenarios?
Kevin What’s a Walking Dead scenario? I thought they were going to land on the roof too. I’m not sure what’s wrong with landing there either. The main point of that situation seemed to be that Carol got hurt which led to her later abduction by the Hospital group. Carol could have been hurt any way they landed.
Jeremy:  The show seems to have its own logic whenever it is necessary for the plot. Carol got hurt by getting hit by a car out of the blue. I am not even bagging on the scene it just seemed odd. The rest of this episode was great.
Kevin:  That incident did stick out on a really good show. I did get a bit of a laugh out of the body burning incident being at the top of the show practically. Everyone thought Norman Reedus let a huge spoiler drop. Bunch of dopes. It wasn’t even one of the people from the Hospital group.
Jeremy:  How anyone thought it was going to be a major character or plot point is beyond me. It did lead to a fairly important part of Carol and Daryl’s characters. Daryl was an abuse victim like Carol was and they didn’t make it a huge issue. It seemed natural.
Kevin Huh. I’m terrible at listening apparently. I didn’t remember hearing that. Maybe because something wasn’t made out of it. Considering the shit storm that they continue to find themselves in, it isn’t a big deal.
Jeremy:  See it was so subtle. They were inside the shelter carol visited before for domestic abuse. Daryl drops his bag later in the episode and out falls a book about coping with child sexual abuse. Carol just looks at him knowingly and that was it.
Kevin Okay, that makes complete sense now thinking back on the child corpse Daryl burned and how Carol didn’t really admit to how she knew about the hide out location. I missed the book title but it puts the pieces together really nice.
Jeremy:  it also helps develop and further their bond without doing something heavy handed. It was such a smart and quiet but important moment. As they walked through this building they were discovering more about each other.
Kevin:  Hooking up is about the only way they can become more bonded at this point. Daryl did crack me as they walked through the building and they run into the hallway with the walkers tented & sleeping bagged and he says “I don’t even know what to think some days.”
Jeremy:  This is the point where I said” kill them all” so of course they don’t and Noah uses that against them. The change of scenery was much needed though. The hospital episode and now this. Getting out of the woods and in to a city was a positive.
Kevin:  They should have killed all of them but it didn’t exactly hold them up for very long. Daryl & Carol just can’t run as fast as Noah.
The change to the city is nice. It also again emphasizes how far they haven’t gone.
Jeremy:  yes well Noah may run fast but his reflexes are for shit. Daryl with a text book block in to the bookshelf.
Kevin I can’t believe that dope just sat there and took it. At least look like you tried to get out of the way. Was Daryl ready to let Noah die and Carol helped to spare him or was Daryl just making him sweat?
Jeremy:  Daryl always seems to have the conscious so he would have helped him out. he saved the kid the first time after all. Stupid kid did take their stuff so he has to pay a little bit.
Kevin I was leaning towards making him sweat but had to ask. Noah did have enough brains to hold Daryl back from trying to save Carol. He’s right that they’d need more fire power to go into the Hospital. Which does bring up an interesting point, they haven’t really said how many people are in the Hospital group.
Jeremy:  I thought the same thing. We were only shown a few people and two of them died.It sure seemed like a small amount and the policE are the only people armed. Unless Noah meant that just he and Daryl were out match which they would have been. Daryl’s response was perfect though and a bit arrogant. ” So do we”
Kevin:  It seems like everyone in the group is resigned to fighting at this point because people just keep doing stupid shit. I still don’t get why they snagged Beth. Everyone else they’ve shown this year has been injured. Beth seemed like a straight up kid napping.
Jeremy:  They mentioned she was being swarmed over by walkers. So they rescued her. Now she is indebted to work of the rescue. Nice gig if you are the one in control.
Kevin Ha. That seems like a waste of resources to be out in the middle of the country wasting gas just hoping to find supplies or people to abduct.
Jeremy:  Maybe but the fact that people try escaping or commit suicide you need to replenish resources somehow. Hitting Carol with the car may have been intentional as it fits the process.
Kevin What a bunch of probably psychos. Seems like an unnecessary step consider you have plenty of food, medicine and shelter. Why not stay bunker-ed when you have it all including a doctor?
Jeremy:  Power corrupts. maybe they need a seamstress? I just find it hard to believe the car is just there. Probably heard gunshots? I also cannot believe the car form the beginning of the episode didn’t see or realize they were followed.
Kevin:  Especially when the Walker starts banging on their car. Why else would it claw at a car? Maybe the people in the car figured they’d get some fresh meat since someone was following them.
Jeremy:  My thought exactly. The hospital has cultivated this culture and now expected to believe they couldn’t figure out a car was behind them? Easier to lure them to the city than confront them I suppose. What do you think of the flashbacks this week? I enjoyed how they filled in spots without being heavy handed
Kevin:  I was surprised by the first one. I rewound my DVR to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I did like that they filled in some of the small questions that still needed answered. Carol & Tyreese had their spot. Rick showed up for the first time in a while. It was even cool to have Carol’s time line during the prison war.
Jeremy:  The constant use of fire as a beacon in the flashbacks may be playing in to the car as well. Daryl burns bodies in a city where no one else is supposed to be. Carol saw it with the prison battle so it is reasonable to expect the hospital crew to follow suit. It may have also allowed Noah to follow them as well. he is actually seen in the background of some shots. I read this so it isn’t my thought. I will be going back over it tonight to see if it is true.
Kevin There was a lot of smoke last night. The writers do tend to hide Easter eggs in their scripts. Hopefully all the smoke will be cleared in the final two episodes.
Jeremy:  hard to believe there are two episodes left. I am figuring the season ends with a rescue attempt at hospital.
Kevin I’d be pretty surprised if they didn’t. They seem to like to resolve story lines and pop the new problem on you as the cliff hanger.
Jeremy:  Maybe we should save this until after the mid-season finale but it seems like a rinse and repeat scenario.
I am hoping for something of a twist, as in a total change of scenery and they stay in hospital.
Kevin They have a lot of moving parts so there are a lot of possibilities on the table. Does Abraham’s group come back before the Hospital assault? Does Noah end up being a double agent since the Hospital group knew they were tailed? Too many questions right now. I’m fine with waiting on more speculation.
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