Stunt Granny Audio: OHPA 26

Hadouken by JinnaBoy from

Hadouken by JinnaBoy from

Ken & Kevin are back after an unexpected week off. They have lofty plans for this episode. They kick it off by talking about the Sippy Time Beer of the week. They start the lofty plans by talking about Google’s “Project Loon” which happens to be solar power weather balloons that will provide internet service to less populated areas around the world. Why does folding come into this conversation? Or even the socks that the employees wore working on this project? How many versions of this balloon have they created? What sea creature do these balloons act like? Ken & Kevin continued to talk about flight by talking about finding the Brazilian police finding a swastika in the bottom of a pool. How many questions did the article leave unanswered? How long have the Brazilian police known about this? Why wouldn’t you try to cover it up if you owned it? To finish up talking about flight, Ken & Kevin tackle drones at TGI Friday. Why does this article also have unanswered questions? Why was a drone flying in TGI Fridays anyway? How dumb is the employee flying the drone? Ken & Kevin moved away from flying and starting talking about the greatest idea for his wedding, the PYRO wristband by Adam Wilbur. How bad ass would a fire ball fight between Ken & Kevin be? Would it look like when they played Street Fighter? What are the chances that their ladies shoot this idea down? Their last topic is the Parable of The Polygons. How much diversity do you have in your life? Who is this parable about? How much fun are the graphics that they put together? Listening to this podcast will make you more diverse so click on the link below!

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