Surivor Series 2014 Buyrate

When explaining the stupidity of people eventually you run out of words. Fortunately businesses will never run out of stupid people though and remain in business for years passed their effectiveness.  I present to you yet another example of this as WWE corporate released the preliminary numbers for Survivor Series 2014. The estimate comes in at an incredible 100,000 buys.  This is not sarcasm in any form. This is a whopper of a buyrate for a PPV event with the obvious reason being the damn thing was free on WWE Network.

Remember? The entire month of November the network was free. All you had to do was go the website and watch or download an app. It cost you nothing outside of the bill you were already paying to your internet provider. Everyone has the internet in some shape. Why the hell would you buy it?  I am lost, just lost for an explanation. So, check back next month for the deluded numbers that TLC will inevitably obtain. -Jeremy

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