#WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs & Stairs


I had forgotten about Tables, Ladders & Chairs & Stairs. Jeremy luckily informed me Dolph Ziggler came to the ring wearing a Kent State Wrestling sweat shirt. I joined his match about twelve minute mark of the match.

Luke Harper defending the IC Title vs Dolph Ziggler – I ended up watching the beginning of this match after typing some of this article so that I could fill myself in. I joined when Luke Harper hit his suicide dive with Ziggler eating a ladder and Harper himself crashing into the ladder with his shoulder. I was not surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed this match. Dolph Ziggler got the win and it was made a big deal of. I’m skeptical that anyone can raise the level of the title but we’ll see. He’s had a lot of fan support recently so he MIGHT be able to do it.

The Miz & Damien Mizdow defending the Tag Team Titles vs The Usos – The comedy aspect of Damien Mizdow is off the charts. It makes it really hard though to take his matches seriously. Hence I have four competitors that I think are at least capable performers. Okay, so the Miz is capable and the other three are good wrestlers. But I can’t really take it seriously because it’s a comedy match. The Usos won when the Miz got their team disqualified. The angle they’re doing is good but I would have liked a little more Naomi on TV before this all started. It also goes against the grain of the comedy going on in the ring so hopefully Mizdow moves on so we can get a serious bout which would kick ass.

Big Show vs Erick Rowan – I was a little surprised that Big Show ended up winning this match. I suppose they need main eventers? Rowan seems to have acquitted himself well enough in the ring to warrant a win. Any development that he hasn’t had is all on the writing staff. They’ve sold him and Harper short since the split. Maybe the WWE doesn’t think he is doing okay in the ring like myself. Tough break for him.

John Cena vs Seth Rollins – When the placement of this match came up, it guaranteed a screw ball finish and we got it. Roman Reigns came back to cost Seth Rollins the match. John Cena had won before the interference but the real fall happened because of Reigns. J & J Security helped Rollins on multiple occasions but this is super Cena we’re talking about. We can’t be selling to the young up and comers we want challenging us. We need to make them look like a pansy. Rollins ends up in another tainted victory match because Bray Wyatt attacked Dean Ambrose during their feud. The story makes sense for Reigns to interfere though so it makes this action palatable.

Nikki Bella defending the Divas Title vs AJ Lee – I hate typing this but I could enjoy Nikki having a reign where Brie helps her by getting kicked out of ring side so that Nikki can spray people for the cheap victory like she did tonight against AJ Lee. The only problem is that the Divas Division is terrible. Paige is the only other worthy competitor.

Kane vs Ryback in a Chairs MatchThis match existed to put over Ryback. It accomplished that task but wasn’t anything special in doing so.

Rusev defending the US Title vs Jack Swagger – I didn’t want to see this match up because they did a good job with this feud the first time around. This felt superfluous. Luckily for everyone involved, Rusev dispatched of Swagger rather quickly. No need to make Swagger look good in defeat. They did a little bit

Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt – This pay per view bookended good match. I enjoyed this one immensely until the “We need to protect Ambrose” lose with the TV short circuiting in his face. Wyatt has only scored a clean victory over Chris Jericho. That feels like it was ages agao. A tained win over Ambrose isn’t going to do him much good. I understand protecting Ambrose who is another young guy on the scene. Someone in this core of young talent needs to start winning matches so they can have real credibility. – Kevin

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