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Borrowed from vixenvariety.com

Borrowed from vixenvariety.com

They can switch to a new channel so that is the only reason my article name is changing because I guarantee it’s not going to be any better of a product. Another note before talking about this show, I forgot it was coming on and missed the first fifteen minutes. It’s set to tape at 3 AM so I’ll catch that later. Them airing late at night on a re-run is a good idea but also tells you it isn’t any more important than any other schlep show on this channel. Be sure to check out @ChrisCalamidia’s Twitter account for the full review of this show.

Josh Matthews & Taz are smart enough to tell us later comers that Kurt Angle has resigned as general manager and is back on the roster. He is fighting MVP who looks kind of big. MVP missed a Mafia Kick which set up an Angle Slam for the win. I understand the history of the feud but shouldn’t this be teased out longer? Is it worth popping everyone right out of the gate?

Ethan Carter III is still pissed at Rockstar Spud, who you know should be a major target for a top heel. They’re going to cut Spud’s hair first. Mike Tenay is going to a sit down interview show. James Storm is pissed at management for not giving him his due. I did see one of Chris’s tweets saying that Storm does Bray Wyatt better than Wyatt. I can see that in the sense that he’s more direct. The problem I have with Storm is I don’t believe his crazy spin like I do for Wyatt.

I was reminded that James Storm & Abyss were the tag team champions because of cashing in the brief case. Another point for Wyatt is he went after John Cena to get toward the WWE Title. Not settle for the tag titles like Luke Harper & Erick Rowan. They are taking on The Wolves. I sure hope Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards didn’t get matching claw tattoos. Please tell me that’s an application of some sort. The crowd chanted for an “Awesome” match but it was just okay. The Hardy Boyz tried to help the Wolves but it ended up back firing. Jeff Hardy backed into Eddie Edwards who was then finished by Storm with a super kick.

Bobby Lashley kind of, sort of breaks off from MVP & Kenny King. Jeremy Borash is losing his hair. EC3 should really be shaving Borash’s hair. Uh oh, Borash inteferes in the verbal beat down. Borash ends up getting a single shave. Come on, finish the job.

Low Ki is defending the X Division Title against Austin Aries. I enjoyed the match but it feels like a lot of the same old stuff for Aries. I like that he uses the loop hole for the X Division Title but it seems too predictable. I could almost go without highlighting Aries won the X Division Title again but that’d be against wrestling internet protocol.

The Bro Mans were featured before a women’s battle royal. No one cares that Robbie E is back. I do dig DJ Z’s sunglasses. Brooke ends up attacking Robbie E since he “broke up” with her. It cost Velvet Sky her place in the battle royal. Havok tossed Gail Kim out. Taryn Terrell used her as easy pickings and tossed her for the Knockout Title retention. While Terrell celebrated like an idiot, Havok attacked. The lights went out. Awesome Kong came out and went face to face with Havok. Does Kong deserve this? She sounded pretty crazy the last time we heard from her. She’s had time to reform.

Bobby Roode defended the TNA Title against Bobby Lashley. The hijinks start when MVP shows up just before the commercial break with some new goons. The match was good up until my DVR cut off the show. Bobby Roode had Lashley in a cross face. Going to read about it somewhere so I can iritate myself. I’m just going to shake my head. Decent matches, terrible angles. You’re still not better than the WWE. Or even close. New Japan, please do a weekly show in the US. Pretty please? – Kevin

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