Stunt Granny Audio 282

NJPW-New-Japan-Pro-WrestlingChris & Kevin had an easy task in front of them. Talk about another stale WWE Raw or talk about an organization in New Japan who finally made inroads in the US with the help of, gulp, Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Promotions. What made this event similar to the WWE and Wrestlemania? What made it different? How familiar are your hosts with this product? How did Jim Ross and Matt Striker work as a team? Did they help to bridge the language barrier? How much information did they have to convey to the new audience in North America? How did the wrestling compare to that of the WWE? Is there just one style in New Japan? How is the crowd different from that of Wrestlemania? How are the story lines different? Can New Japan finally be an alternative to the WWE that pro wrestling junkies have been looking for? Find out what Chris & Kevin think when you click on the link below!

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