Stunt Granny Presents: OHPA 34

maxresdefaultKen & Kevin love talking about new possible hi tech features so it comes as no surprise that they’d talk about geoengineering. What is that you say? It’s intentionally trying to cool off the earth. How would it theoretically work? How many options have been put on the table? How does the movie Snowpiercer apply to this subject? Ken & Kevin continue the tech talk with DARPA’s  plan to implant a “Cortical Modem” into people. How big would this device be?  What type of display would you see? How would you control it? How is it different from Google Glass? Did you know that project got canceled by Google? What went wrong behind the scenes at Google? Isn’t there always a love affair involved in these crash and burn stories? Crazy things are always happening in college so what makes Arizona State’s “Curtain of Distraction” any different? Do they actually make a difference on the score board? What makes this concept so different from other distraction devices used by other colleges? Ken & Kevin use all of these subjects as distraction devices to get you to listen to the show below!

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