Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 5 – Episode 12 – Remember



Jeremy:  Huge loss last night man. It was a long time coming though.

Kevin Do you mean the beard shaving that Rick did? That was looking pretty damn good. It is a shame it has left us.
Jeremy:  You knew it was coming from the second they showed the pristine house and Carl found running water.
Kevin:  I hadn’t thought about it one way or the other to be honest. Daryl’s refusal to shower cracked me up quite a bit. As did carrying around a dead possum with an arrow through it.
Jeremy:  There were a lot of really great character moments last night. Daryl killing the possum and joking he brought dinner was one of them. Him gutting it on the front porch was another. Then as a trifecta, as the group all chills out and Deana comes in he is clinging his knife waiting to get worked to attack.
Kevin I liked how everyone played their part. Daryl was certainly a key component in the play.
Jeremy:  The most striking person this week, outside of sexy Rick for the ladies was Carol. her admission of missing her husband was out of  the blue until it became clear she was lying through her teeth.
Kevin Like I said, everyone playing their part. Carol can play that part well of group outreach. Unassuming, seems like a kind older lady. Then everyone realizes she killed a few people to ensure the survival of the group.
Jeremy:  Yes her “history” was the best. I can bake, kill children, blow up zombies thru propane explosions, get hit by a car and shake it off. Cook, clean….etc. When she walked out of the house door in a blue sweater and those awful pants I loudly groaned and said yuck.  Daryl calling her out on her clothing was perfect.
Kevin Hahaha. I enjoyed Rick looking like a mall cop more than Carol’s outfit. Carol was looking like she needed to attend a PTA meeting though.
Jeremy:  Yeah another uncomfortable outfit that Daryl called out as well. This lead the the “oh shit” or  the ” aha” moment. Rick coldly saying they won’t get weak because they will take over if need be was scary. Essentially becoming like everyone out in the world.
Kevin I was so excited by that moment. But you are right, that they’re turning into what they’ve run into along their travels. Rick and the whole group seemed to decide it. Everyone with a voice was there for that moment and no one flinched. They are all in on the idea of taking over if that’s what is needed.
Jeremy:  I thought it was rather clear by the last three who the heads of the group are now as far as Ricks confidence. Michonne has been on the fence and now Carol has slid in to her place. Daryl has always been there so it is no surprise.
Kevin Michonne has only been moved down one rung. I can’t wait to see her dressed up as a constable. Deanna is from the Columbus district. I was pretty sure when she said it during the episode last night but had to check my voter registration card.
Jeremy:  Yes it figures a politician made it through. Of course this means no one shoudl trust her. Even if she tries to buddy up to Glenn and Rick at end.
Kevin She just wreaks of hiding something with the way she operates. I honestly thought I was watching a commercial with the way her camera made Rick look at the top of the show. He almost looked CGIed in it. Like a terrible Time Warner commercial with Bill Cowher.
Jeremy:  It was explained on talking Dead that the tapes are available for all who live there to watch in the spirit of full disclosure which clearly means she is a fraud.
Kevin Maybe I need to start watching that show so that little things like that can be filled in. Who has the time to go back and watch those? Deanna does seem to have landed herself a prime spot for living during a zombie apocalypse.
Jeremy:  Right she even has her stupid kid there as well. There must be something significant to her exiling three people. Her excuse being they didn’t fit in. Well, looks like someone may still be alive?
Kevin That’s how they’re finally going to tie Morgan into this story line. He was one of the three people exiled.
Jeremy:  Then that man travels very fast on foot. he has to be in GA still. I was thinking “The 3” are going to turn out to be the big bads.
Kevin:  Like she allows them to be “feral” but welcomes them back when she needs someone to do some heavy lifting?
Jeremy:  Or they did their own thing and are coming back to get back at her? just speculating but nothing is usually said that doesn’t come back at some time.
Kevin I can’t say I dwelt on that aspect of the show much. I would imagine it’ll come into play. Rick is ready to kill some people so maybe Deanna is using him to get her dirty work done.
Jeremy:  Well there was also the episode with the walkers with the W cut in their head. Someone has to be doing it so kind of put them both together.
Kevin:  Why would Deanna use a W though? Or are you still speculating that the W may have come from one of the outcasts?
Jeremy:  Right the outcasts are using the W. Deanna seems like a self preservationist so don’t think it is her.
Kevin Got you. It would add a twist to things to have to worry about another group. They certainly showed that’s there is plenty of infighting though from the people that have been there and The Group. Glenn and Carl both got into their own trouble.
Jeremy:  Glenn had every right to do so as well. I figured Tara was a goner int hat and it would cause problems immediately.
Kevin I can’t remember that guy’s name in particular but they were just asking for trouble. That was certainly one of the more gruesome deaths in my books. I don’t remember seeing that much skin ripped off a zombie before. Serious special effects going on there.
Jeremy:  Yeah that was pretty nasty stuff and I figured that was going to be her demise. Caught in the skin of a walker like a fishing net. It make it pretty clear the two have no clue what it is like outside the wall. yeah they lost people but no real clue of the reality.
Kevin:  Not even a little bit. Hanging walkers is asking for them to get loose and cause problems. It was nice that The Group had their killer instinct back as a whole this episode even as they questioned whether they’d go soft. No leaving zombies alive this episode. Even Carl & Rick had a nice father/son bonding moment killing some zombies.
Jeremy:  The bonding over killing poor Scott Ian. Yes of Anthrax. The scene was a bit tense since the last time Carl went roving on his own he got shot. Him following the new girl should be brought up already. Kind of weird the girl can escape so easy and clearly break the stance Aaron came up with about people getting out or in.
Kevin I never really got a good grasp on how many people were in town or even the size of the development. They noted why it was self sustaining but nothing of that sort. Carl & Rick had taken over that house so she could have snuck out without eyes on here in the past. Why she’s sneaking out is something I want to know.
Jeremy:  Yeah they did cover that up with telling Rick they were told not to smother them. I was wondering just how big this place was anyway. The way Aaron made it sound and from the sounds I was expecting a mob of people. Instead we got a shaved Rick getting a haircut from the maid on American Horror Story and her jealous husband.
Kevin Didn’t she say she was single? Or did I make that up in my head? I’m not sure how I missed that was the maid from AHS. It must be here not having the red hair.
Jeremy:  Yeah it bugged me form the second she showed up. Besides the hair it didn’t help she was overly clothed. Rick ran in to the man sitting on the porch smoking. He introduced himself as her husband.
Kevin I knew he said that part but I was trying to confirm what my ears heard earlier in the episode. You just know that’s trouble waiting to happen or again, they wouldn’t have introduced it.
Jeremy:  Oh yeah overbearing hubbie and the new sexy Rick comes a walking in town with a badge and gun. Soap opera time!
Kevin Especially when their first meeting is her delivering a care package when Rick is shirtless. Sexy.
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