Stunt Granny Presents: OHPA 35



Ken & Kevin are not talking about any new technologies this week. They are talking about a CT scan of a Buddhist statue that revealed a mummy was inside. Why do some Buddhists think this person is still in a blissful state of mediation known as tukdam? In this state of tukdam, can you go 10 months without eating or drinking water? “Buddha Boy” supposedly did this before disappearing further into Nepal jungle to get away from all of the distractions. Discovery Channel filmed him for 96 hours straight. What did they see? Who gave them permission to film him since he was non-responsive? Neither of your hosts would want to go that long without food and water and they also don’t want to go too long without sleep. How many sleep deprivation stories does Kevin have from when he was in architecture school at Kent State? What did Ken mention truck drivers experience that happened to Kevin?Can they stay up long enough to mention the SippyTimeBeer of the week? Of course they can so hit play and get ready for a blissful statement of amusement when listening to OHPA!

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