Stunt Granny Audio 289



Chris & Kevin are back again to talk some wrestling and boy did they pick a good time. Brock Lesnar stormed off of Raw but no one knows why. How much does this have to do with Roman Reigns? What’s the back up plan if Brock doesn’t appear at Wrestlemania to put over the next “One”? Will Daniel Bryan still get his spot in the Wrestlemania spotlight? How much speculation will your hosts go through before moving on to another topic that dropped into their lap? That topic happens to be AJ Lee tweeting at Stephanie McMahon about the lack of the Divas being on TV. Can AJ Lee be punished more than she is now? Do they deserve at least a few minutes for a match? How many hours is Raw again? Was Stephanie asking for this problem by jumping on the Patricia Arquette band wagon? Will David Arquette ever win the WWE Title? What did Chris think of Raw since he will be attending Wrestlemania? The Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins hype left a bad taste in Kevin’s mouth but did it hide some good hype for Wrestlemania? Is it okay to drag out the John Cena vs Rusev feud while doing the same to Orton and Rollins? Is Bray Wyatt finally fulfilling his promise with his promos to fight the Undertaker? Will Taker wait until Wrestlemania to show up? Chris & Kevin delve into these questions and more when you click on the link below.

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