Stunt Granny Audio 296



Chris & Kevin are back for another cracking show even though Raw was a complete borefest. We are only two weeks removed from Wrestlemania, right? We all do recall that even the people looking forward to Wrestlemania weren’t exactly enjoying the build up, right? Your hosts do and talk about how the bad build up is continuing after Wrestlemania. Why can’t Roman Reigns get a consistent push if he’s the next big thing? Ryback may have taken the pin fall in the match with Randy Orton but shouldn’t you protect him more? How about having Bray Wyatt attack Reigns like he did Dean Ambrose several months back? Seth Rollins got to take on Neville, but did the match help raise Neville’s stock like Kurt Angle did for John Cena many moons ago? Why did the WWE pull the trigger on The Miz vs Damien Mizdow already? Don’t both men deserve better even if they’re mid-card acts? Is the Sheamus re-boot off to a good start? Chris & Kevin move on to the Cena appearance on Chris Jericho’s podcast. How terrible is his shirt? How was the actual talking during the interview though? They can’t pass up talking about Scott Steiner accosting Hulk Hogan’s new wife? Is it funny? Is it sad? This show is all funny so click on the link below!

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