Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 45



Ken & Kevin are back for another round of fun. Do you ever wish you could give both of them advice? Have you ever wondered when the advice column started? These two did and it was at least as early as 1690. What did they want to know about back then? Have your hosts seen some of these questions answered on modern television? Did they answer dumb questions like modern advice columnists? The guys go further in the past because many stories about Roman emperors have been debunked. Is passing on leadership through genealogy any better than electing officials? Did the Romans have age restrictions for elections? What did Nero do to make sure Rome didn’t burn? How good are some of the statues carved for these emperors? Deflate-Gate is an old topic on this show so since it’s in the head lines of course Ken & Kevin talked about it. Do they take this topic seriously other than the serious amount of laughter they get out of watching Patriots fans squirm? One Patriots fan who is keeping his silence on this matter is Bill Simmons. Is “The Sports Guy” ready to join the Stunt Granny staff since ESPN isn’t renewing his contract? What is the Sippy Time Beer of the Show? Find out when you click the link below!

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