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From crossfitpella.com

Since Chris & I will be covering the NXT Takeover in audio format directly after the event this coming Wednesday, I figured I’d give this week’s show a quick run down even if it’s a couple of days late.

Introduction: Sami Zayn taking on John Cena & challenging Kevin Owens.

First Match: Solomon Crowe vs Baron CorbinCorbin made short work of Crowe with an End of Days. Crowe seemed like the smoother wrestler even in this short of a time period. I dig Corbin’s look but he needs to develop some personality. Having him attack Rhino after a very short challenge did nothing to help even if I do like a bad ass that won’t back down from a fight.

Sit Down Interviews: Finn Balor isn’t fooled by Tyler Breeze and knows Hideo Itami well. He doesn’t care if he faces Sami Zayn or Kevin Owens when he wins the triple threat for No. 1 Contender for the NXT Championship. Tyler Breeze is going to win and bring the No. 1 status to Cute-ville.

Second Match: Sasha Banks vs Blue Pants – Banks cuts down Becky Lynch even though Lynch beat her last week. The announcers didn’t even bother with giving Blue Pants a name during the match. Glad they’re no different than

Backstage Interview: Bayley & Charlotte tag teamed a promo against Dana Brooke & Emma.

Third Match: Carmela vs Alexa Bliss – Both women will need further work on their in ring work but they’re not too bad. Bliss got the win with her Sparkle Splash because of a distraction from Blake & Murphy. They try to get under her skin, Carmela defends her boys. I love that trio. Fun group.

Sit Down Interviews: Hideo Itami is the only one who has some anger in his answer about who he wants to face. He doesn’t respect Kevin Owens because he doesn’t feel like he respects the title or his opponents. Dana Brooke & Emma get to answer their challenge. I can’t handle when people say “Jelly” so Brooke got under my skin. I like the change of character and reasoning for Emma but she needs to change the delivery a bit. She’s almost too serious.

Main Event: Adam Rose & Tyler Breeze vs Hideo Itami & Finn Balor – I never get the old trope that opponents at the end of the week need to fight during a tag match. This instance was made worse by Balor acting out of character and tagging in during Itami’s “hot tag” time after he had been beat down most of the match. Itami tagged back in but he ended up arguing with Balor. Breeze gave him a small package for the win. Breeze then hit moves on Balor, Itami & Rose to prove that he’s a real threat, which he isn’t.

Locker Room Interview: Sami Zayn admits to being injured.

Face To Face: Zayn came out first. Kevin Owens came out. Zayn doesn’t believe Owens’s onscreen reasoning for targeting Zayn. Sami then brings up that Owens on child wears Sami’s gear at home. Owens walks away without a word. He turns around at the top of the ramp and says it all doesn’t matter. Owens knows Zayn is still injured and how he injured Zayn in the first place. He’s not going to let Zayn come back from the injury this time. – Kevin

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