Stunt Granny Audio 307 – Money In The Bank Live

Seats from the Stunt Granny Section

Seats from the Stunt Granny Section

Kevin and the Lady went to Money in the Bank last night at Nationwide Arena in Columbus Ohio. Chris has got all of the questions since he watched at home. How was it meeting people Kevin has known for a long time in person finally? What did the section filled with a bunch of message board friends do? How did the event differ live than on the screen? What got the biggest pop of the night? Was it smart booking to start with the Money In The Bank match? Why was Bray Wyatt dressed like Elston Limehouse from Justified? Is Sheamus a good choice to win MITB? How blind are the referees and Paige to keep on mixing up the not even close to Bella Twins? Does anyone remember the Big Show versus Ryback match? How was Kevin Owens versus John Cena the second time around? Did Big E & Xavier Woods do a good job filling time before their match against the Prime Time Players? How was the match itself? Last but not least, Chris & KEvin cover the main event between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose for the WWE Title. Did it measure up to the other big matches on the card? How was it different? How was the ending? Click on the link below to know!

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