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Ken & Kevin are back after a tiny hiatus of a few days. They tasted Kevin’s newest Sippy Time Beer for the show so the review comes at the top of the broadcast. What style of beer is up for brewing later in the day? Sepp Blatter, the now former president of FIFA, is a man they talked about they talked about and he took a much longer hiatus than your hosts. How interesting is it that the Swiss government helped the US government arrest of fourteen of his colleagues in FIFA? How long have the allegations of corruption surrounded Mr. Blatter? How are countries ranked in the FIFA system? Does any country have more votes than any other country?  How ridiculous was it to award both Russia and Qatar World Cup bids on the same day? How good was another E:60 from ESPN? There are plenty of people in the US today that think the police force is as corrupt as FIFA. One of the article Ken & Kevin read was about the dangers of being a police officer. Is it as dangerous as everyone perceives? How many people have a more dangerous job? Who has more dangerous living conditions as just a man on the street? Can your hosts wrap their heads around this properly? Can the point of view of an black ex-cop from St. Louis help? How much of their interactions with police changed since some of those incidents? For their last topic, Ken & Kevin travel back to the time of the dinosaurs. Is a Pterodactyl even a dinosaur? Why are T Rexes more closely related to birds than any Pterosaur? Is Chris Pratt going to save your hosts when they go to Jurassic World?

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