Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 48

Ken & Kevin are going right back into more FIFA talk now that Sepp Blatter stepped down as president. But not at least for several more months before a congress can be held. How did the Football Association of Ireland make this story even juicer? Was the Thierry Henry handball (part of the above video) deserving of being put on the list of the “Ten Most Controverstial Calls in Sports History?” How can this video limit themselves to professional moments then put two moments from the Olympics on it? How many of these moments does Kevin remember watching? Why did one of them allow him to cheer while his family booed? What famous moment from Steelers history did Ken think was missing off the list? What moment in World Cup moment top the list? The last topic of the night is a man who loves marbles. How long does he play with them per day? How does he categorize them? How are they labeled? This marble man was so crazy, the guys had two beers of the show.

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