Stunt Granny Audio 306

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Chris & Kevin are back to talk about…Impact Wrestling. At least the angle in which Mickie James was pushed off a train platform by James Storm. How does this illustrate everything that is still wrong with TNA? How much follow up did they have to this angle on the show itself?  How are they covering their tracks on their website? How did TNA do with ratings now that they had a Ring of Honor lead in? Does ROH’s production look better on Destination America than on their Sinclair channels? Is ROH now the second best promotion in the US now that it airs on both networks? Chris & Kevin finally move on to the WWE because Kevin is headed to Money In The Bank Sunday at Nationwide Arena. Has the hype been hurt because of the short turn around from Elimination Chamber? Has Kevin Owens and John Cena been hurt the most by this turn around? How about Dean Ambrose taking on Seth Rollins? Will it be good for Rollins to shed The Authority’s help for a while? Is there anything that can change the perception that Roman Reigns will win the MITB Match? Do dark horses Neville & Kofi Kingston have a better shot than the rest of the field? The Divas have had bad hype because the Bellas have been bounced between face and heel more often than Big Show and Mark Henry. Chris & Kevin end by talking about the Stanley Cup Finals feud between CM Punk & Hulk Hogan. Does Kevin know how to pronounce Steven Stamkos? Find out when you click the link below.

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