Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 52

Originally from Wired Magazine but saved from

Originally from Wired Magazine but saved from

Ken & Kevin are back for their not so epic 52nd episode. Luckily, they recognize each other on sight but some people that they read about can not do so because they have prosopagnosia also known as Face Blindness. How long has this problem been known? How do people know they have it? What phobias does it cause? Can these people recognize their own families? How can they tell people apart? Is there a problem with their sight? How many people suffer from this problem? Would they have a hard time identifying aliens? Well, everyone might have problem identifying them according to Professor Simon Conway Morris of Cambridge because they could look just like us! Which fictional aliens in movies look like us according to your astute hosts? Are any of them truly unique? What theory does this professor posit to come to this conclusion? In more concrete space news, New Horizons snapped a few pictures of Pluto recently. How do they compare to renderings that Space Artist Don Dixon did in 1979? What are tholins? How much smaller is Pluto than the moon? Are we all ready to call Pluto a dwarf planet? The Shell gas company is building Prelude which is almost the size of a dwarf planet. How large is it really though? What is exactly it’s function? Why do you need to take this video with a grain of salt? As usual, Ken & Kevin end with the Sippy Time Beer of the Week. What is it? Find out when you click the link below!

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