Stunt Granny Conversation: EY, Artificial Legs and WWE Raw


Jeremy: I’ll just leave this here for you. From TNA tapings last night. Chris Melendez cut a promo on Eric Young and demanded a rematch. EY accepts but Melendez has to put his leg on the line

Kevin: Hahaha. That company sucks.

Jeremy: So I thought Billy Corrigan being brought in  to the company was going to usher in more culturally relevant issues?

Kevin: It is relevant, they brought in a war vet. Did you want more than that?

Jeremy: Yes they did and then had him get beaten down and now is literally fighting for his leg. I had no problem with the beatdown since he has one leg and no experience.

Kevin: But the problem they have is they keep positioning EY as a bad ass of sorts now, so he should never have a long running feud with a green guy. I’m not saying it’s right to push EY that way, but the story lines clash to me which is again why they suck.

Jeremy: EY has slowly turned the corner and gotten away form his goofy character so I am OK with it. His decisive victories and then beatdown make it seem so ridiculous to fight over a leg. I guess this is the bad guy just being a jerk. I wonder if there is a stipulation where Melendez can never use a leg again.

Kevin: They have given him a sustained push but I just can’t take him seriously. He’s not a good enough wrestler like  DB to make up for his size.

Jeremy: You take anyone in Impact seriously? This is all character based mind you. AS it has always been the talent is there but the character development and stories are trash.

Kevin: A handful of people, Aries, Roode, okay, the list may end there.

Jeremy: Extensive list and one of them is gone as well. I want to take EC3 seriously but yuck.

Kevin: I hated raining on the people I know in Cleveland who were happy about EC3 being TNA Champ. But wow, he doesn’t even belong on NXT with a now depleted roster.

Jeremy: The problem with EC3 is currently I see no room for him to grow. This is the pinnacle of how far his talents will take him. One facial expression, one mannerism just one dimensional. Can that change? Sure in the right hands but that isn’t in TNA. Being the man in TNA is akin to being the captain on a sinking ship. Cool title with no job growth.

Kevin: Let’s also not forget that the WWE is banging out crazy good matches right now. He isn’t as athletic as those guys. He’s a big guy and in shape but he’s not even Big E big or athletic.
Jeremy: There was a reason he was released. not saying politics or anything wasn’t involved but it goes back to WWE releasing guys and they sort of muddle around or fade away. He would be on par with Stardust right now if he was there. If he got out of NXT, which he didn’t.
Kevin: Sums things up very well. All started from Impact spoilers. Anything else good in there? I just wait to watch that trash.
Jeremy: If there was I forgot about it due to that nonsense. Oh there is a GFW/TNA brawl during the tapings.
Kevin: So, how much of Raw did you get to?
Jeremy: I crashed at Owens/Orton which made me mad they gave that away on TV for no reason. I did see the ids of Seth Rollins exploding Cena’s nose.
Kevin: It’s because they’ve got no midcard for Owens to move on to. Unless you count Dog Ziggler. That was a messy, messy situation for Cena. I can’t believe more hasn’t been reported on it. He’s getting some plastic surgery.
Jeremy:  Yeah the pictures of him and the crooked nose looked painful. Plan on catching that at lunch for the show tonight. How more things like that don’t happen is a nod to their professionalism. The Owens match with Orton, even if they said it was for the first time, should have been built. Give it a damn reason. They have enhancement guys for that stuff and the fans know who those people are right now.

Kevin: I did have to laugh that I mentioned Orton not working with the new guys to Chris recently and now he does it’s in the wrong context again. A match just for a match’s sake. I don’t think I’m giving much away that it isn’t a clean finish. I do agree though that it should be a feud that gives us their first match just not an Authority whim. I say again because the Seth Rollins feud was all kinds of backwards too. I still don’t feel like it was completed either even though Rollins got a win over him with the strap.

Jeremy: I did see Cesaro got involved and Sheamus so that is fine. The core there is really solid but they need to establish issues. Owens and Cesaro have theirs and Sheamus and Orton are still fighting about something for some reason. I want to blame it on the WWE Network for these TV matches. But they have been doing this for a while.
Kevin: Right, the lack of any pecking order has been on the agenda for a while. Dean Ambrose gets drug into a Big Show angle even though he’s teamed up with Reigns against the Wyatt Family because you know, it’s a new match. Why have a full blown feud when you can waste the (at least) good match now?
Jeremy: I didn’t mind the Big Show?Ambrose match. Ambrose is just out there right now so him overcoming Big Shows offense was good. Then they ruin it by having Big Show look idiotic at end. And lets be clear, there is no pecking order with Cena around. he is the only guy. Everyone else is beneath him.
Kevin: Brock’s there somewhere with John Cena
Jeremy: True but he has to fight a 55 year old guy now. I have soured on Cena in the last few weeks. yes he is having good matches but no one comes out better. he had no business going over Owens. making the first win look like a fluke.
Kevin: I continue to be of the thinking that if the WWE had any pecking order, you could have these guys (Wyatt, Rollins, Rusev and Owens off the top of my head) who lose to Cena recover. Instead, they get stuck in feuds with people who are their equal or so far below them they can’t recover. Not sure I can blame Cena unless he’s part of the writing staff too. That’s Steph, HHH & Vince’s fault.
Jeremy: You are correct on all of that. Cena isn’t booking himself. At least nothing has come out about that and I would have a hard time believing it. The decision makers totally dropped the ball in order to ensure he remains on top. I soured on him because of that. he beats Owens two in a row then comes out the next night and talks down the WWE Champion. His logic makes no sense then he beats him so we get Rollins and Cena at Summerslam. A match no one was asking for.

Kevin: Yeah, I’m not sure what the rush was on that match. Brock vs Taker is your main event. Let Cena/Rollins happen at another PPV so it can head line. Give Rollins someone he can beat without the dog & pony show. But then again, we go back to the depth issue. Who can he beat that’s even close to the main event that he hasn’t already?

Jeremy: Well if he wasn’t tied up with Rusev and that train wreck I would say Ziggler. he can lose like he always does and we get a good match.How and why this match would come about? I have no idea. So I would be a perfect writer. 
Kevin: Rollins already beat Ziggler though or else I would have mentioned that one. Dolph & Rusev are fighting over who’s the bigger ass hat. Should you steal someone’s girl then pretend that wasn’t the intent and have her lie like a manbearpig or should you force your new woman to act just like your Ex to prove you’re a complete lunatic still hung up on your ex?
Jeremy: Hmm, I seem to have forgotten about Dolph and Seth. Probably too busy wondering about dead fish and women acting like they are in the climax of an 80’s movie. Prepare for a groan but if they had continued on the breakdown of The Authority Seth could have taken on Kane. 
Kevin: Both ladies are attractive in the looks department but they’ve got no personality. The Seth/Authority relationship is just another weird story. One week, Seth needs the Authority, then they say he’s too big for his britches, then make up with him, he insults them again, they get grumpy again, but now they’re happy for him? It’s like I’m watching tennis with that relationship. Plus, Rollins did insult Kane again last week so that feud may still happen. Why it didn’t happen at Summerslam is a mystery though. I guess he is the solution I was seeking. Main event type guy Rollins hasn’t beat but can go over clean on because everyone does.
Jeremy: Right, it isn’t a great match up but it would bring an end to Rollins and Authority. it actually serves a purpose and Seth could have gone over clean. it makes more snese than blowing Rollins and Cena on the undercard with no hype. Here is the real issue to it all, I think at least. how long have we been waiting for someone new? They have viable people and yet we still get Cena. Year after year it is always him and he is always all over the shows. It is a drain. They give Kevin Owens a great debut consistent push. You, or I, start thinking here finally someone new and they are behind him. Then, POOF, same shit. Here ya go Owens you and Cesaro will feud over a title neither of you won. Even though you both need to come out strong in the feud. Problem is if Cesaro wins Owens looks weak, regardless of how. Fans are different now. Owens wins , well, who the hell is Cesaro right now?
Kevin: You and I talked about that match up last week. Great in ring work will be done, I’ve actually liked both of their mic work so far in a very limited capacity against each other but knowing the outcome is a no win situation, I’m not that excited by it. You’re right about the Cena alternates too. The WWE finally has them but still don’t trust them. Of course, how long did it take them to trust DB?
Jeremy: How long did it take for them to say ” I told ya so” with Daniel Bryan? Not exactly his fault since injuries happen. even if Daniel had been injury free he would not have been given the chance. No way. he kind of had a Dusty Rhodes thing going where his chase was such an emotionally investing ride that when it ended it seemed like that was all. We will never know though. Nothing happens naturally as well with WWE. People are forced on the crowd or when a character or wrestler gets over they pull them back for no reason. if Cesaro had been going forward since WM 30 then and Owens feud would be great.
Kevin: Ha. I figured that part was coming about “I told you so.” I hadn’t thought about that aspect of the Cesaro/Owens feud but it is quite a good point. Instead, he was in a fun tag team that got broken up because of another injury to that weakling Tyson Kidd. It’s all the small guys with injuries. Except for Ryback, Big Show, Sheamus…
Jeremy: Was Big Show even hurt? I figured he was gone due to lack of something for him or a movie. They did same with Randy Orton at height of his burgeoning popularity and he never recovered, especially after that terrible reintroduction before WM 31. Then he gets a vacation out of nowhere as well, which, good for him, but it was awkward. UI suppose nto everyone is John Cena and will leave to film a bit art in a movie and fly back the same day. 
Kevin: Maybe the most recent absence of Big Show was due to filming but it’s not like he’s been immune to injuries over the years. They won’t trust DB when he comes back but Cena is fine to go to the WM main event after a torn pec and recovering in less time than normal. Why trust one over the other?
Jeremy: Cena is the perfect work horse for that company.He stays out of trouble. When he gets hurt he misses minimal time and recently has missed zero time for injury. He has the body type, if that even exists now and is ridiculously media trained.
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