Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 58

Ball Droid saved from

Ball Droid saved from

Ken & Kevin are back again after a few weeks off. They go back to the well of Stars Wars by talking about the new BB-8 Sphero-Droid toy that has been released. How does this compare to the remote control cars of their youth?  Does it look better than a drone? Will the guys cover the next trailer that comes out for the upcoming Star Wars movie? One has to be careful when piloting one of these droids. But what happens when real people aren’t good at driving in China? They actually kill someone with their vehicle instead of just hitting them by accident. How often is this done? Why is this done? Is there a way to change the culture that encourages it? How does video of these incidents influence the court cases? Ken & Kevin stick to motorized vehicles by talking about the “Echo Seeker” submarine that is now being manufactured by Boeing. How much of the ocean floor has been explored in this age of technology? Will this vehicle be used for military purposes?  What makes this vehicle different from even a space ship? What kind of sea life are they expecting to find? Ken & Kevin found a Sippy Time Beer of the Week. What is it? Find out when you click on the link below!

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