Stunt Granny Audio 322

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Saved from

Chris & Kevin are back for their weekly talk about professional wrestling. They start by talking about something that may tarnish your professional life, running into the ring and greeting wrestlers. How long will this trend continue? Why would you do it? How many Sippy Time Beers would it take for Kevin to do anything like this? They move on to actual wrestling talk by judging the positives and negatives of Chris Jericho being the mystery opponent. One of the biggest positives of wrestling right now is New Day. Can a flip flopping Paige be a positive? How is old mother hen Natalya going to fit into the Divas Revolution? How many good events are going to be on the WWE Network in October? Is Kevin Owens going to finally be a positive for the IC Title? Does TNA have something positive to to talk about? How about Lucha Underground? Chris & Kevin are not entirely positive so go ahead and click the link below!

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