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Saved from More than likely from

Saved from More than likely from

Kevin: At least Sting didn’t wear a shirt during his match last night.

Jeremy: He could have used it to rest his head after collapsing. I felt bad for him actually.
Kevin: I feel bad that he’s dumb enough to sign a contract that has him losing match ups. Working
Jeremy: Against a guy with Seth Rollins’s offensive move set isn’t the best idea either.
yeah getting tossed in to the turnbuckle was not something he experienced before. Could tell it took his wind. Other than the hair, he looked great though.
Kevin: Sting kept up pretty well. HHH was a better fit just because of his slower in ring style. The hair is always a bad look. Long + balding = yuck.
Jeremy: if you know you are getting in the ring, let it grow and use the head paint to fill it in. But then if it runs, oh boy that would be really embarrassing.
Kevin: It was a fine enough PPV but it wasn’t anything special either. The big news really was the Brock Lesnar vs Taker HIAC announcement.
Jeremy: I dozed off a few times cause it was boring. is fine enough a nice way of saying by the numbers and boring?
Kevin: Yes it is. It wasn’t utter garbage but there were no surprises aside from maybe Chris Jericho starting a feud with Dean Ambrose? He was such a let down as the mystery partner. Why Jericho when you’re taking on a gigantic strong man?
Jeremy: Two thoughts on Jericho., was a good surprise cause it is Chris Jericho and his last appearance was Wyatt beating him down in steel cage. So has story line implications. But yes when countering a mountain you don’t use a mountain goat. Did you notice the look Roman gave him on the blind tag? The announcers sure didn’t.
Kevin: The camera man was just lingering on Jericho slowly coming up the stairs and awkwardly standing there as Reigns was beating on Strowman. The announcers were still silent even though Vince was likely screaming in their ears.
Jeremy: Jericho sneaking makes sense if the announcers say, look at Jericho waiting for a tag or something. Instead he was at the end of a ” I want the spotlight” angle.
Kevin: Which keeps leading back to my problem nowadays, not sure I’ve seen better wrestling on a consistent basis, probably ever. Story lines and how they get out there though are just head shaking.
Jeremy: You mean Rusev and Ziggler isn’t top notch writing?
Kevin: Every time I think that angle is done, it sticks around. I hope it’s finally over. I feel bad for Rusev.
Jeremy: Only good that comes of it is is bad ass Lana comes back and gets him back together. She controlled him to begin with. Theirs was never a love thing so easy to fall back on.
Kevin: How do you figure that now? Looked like Ziggler “played” Summer Rae so no reason for Lana to leave Dolph.
Jeremy: Yeah I know. But if you are Lana, why would you be happy he was wearing tights with your face over his dick? I mean if she is a freak then I get it.
Kevin: I didn’t notice that. Match happened while I was bottling. Didn’t all the ladies love it when Rick Rude did it?
Jeremy: Um, no they didn’t actually. Then in Ricks case it was Jake Roberts wife soooo, yeah.
Kevin: Ziggler continues to be unlikable. Just a douche. So naturally the crowd cheers him after the win.
Jeremy: I did like the announcers were questioning Dolph all of a sudden. It was short but it happened then was forgotten.
Kevin: JBL has been at Ziggler for a while but the other goofs tend to talk about how bad Rusev is. He’s a weirdo for wanting to dress his new girlfriend like his ex but that’s as far as it goes.
Jeremy: its called role play and also it is a dick move. If they would just acknowledge it as that , just once.
Kevin: should it be addressed that Seth Rollins has now definitely jacked up John Cena and quite possibly Sting?
Jeremy: Well he is only getting the job done in small bursts. I don’t blame him for Sting though. The guy is old and shouldn’t be wrestling. The Cena thing though, damn.
Kevin: Both of the moves that Sting may have been injured on, shouldn’t have been planned. That buckle bomb always makes me cringe no matter who is taking it. I would think it’s less safe than the Curb Stomp.
Jeremy: The buckle bomb just looks terribly painful. Every interview you read or listen to the wrestlers say that pad is for show basically.
Kevin: I’m not surprised by that assessment especially when coming down from someone’s shoulders after they tossed you even further into the air.
Jeremy: he really cant protect them as well. Maybe he goes a bit lighter but if he goes too light it looks like a John Cena shoulder.
Kevin: Cena & Rollins had a good match again. Nice of the announcers to do their job for a change to point out the new arsenal for Cena.
Jeremy: Who won? Oh that’s right. it is to the point where matches are ruined when you know the outcome. I didn’t even know the actual outcome but it was obvious. Cena always gets hsi win back so it ruined the drama of the match. Yes these things do matter. just once Cena needs to lose and lose again for it to become a guessing game.
Kevin: You don’t count his losses to Brock Lesnar?
Jeremy: Didn’t he win the second by DQ?
Kevin: I’m not sure. I was just trying to blow up your point. I do think you’re right though.
Jeremy: He did when Seth interfered. So even when he wasn’t taking the belt they had him win. Remember this is also the same match the dominated Brock up until the DQ. No one gets over Cena.
Kevin: Well, I did get myself to the predictable part of the PPV. Predictable finishes in my mind – pretty much all of them? The only two that may have been up in the air were Ziggler vs Rusev and Owens vs Ryback. The WWE just hasn’t been behind Ryback since he got the IC Belt so that wasn’t a surprise to me.
Jeremy: The IC title is a curse seemingly. Owens should get hurt here by end of September based of the history. Ryback is good but not as a good guy. he isn’t built for it right now and hasn’t had a terrific bad guy run needed to be a good face. Dolph winning by show distraction was a surprise. Other than that. Nope, not a thing.
Kevin: It all started with Daniel Bryan’s injury and hasn’t gotten any better since. It illustrates how thin their roster is that no one other than Cena or the now injured Bryan can elevate the secondary titles.
Jeremy: Yes that was their plan for sure. Cena has done some good work with the US Title matches giving it importance but he results are never in doubt. Kevin Owens wins the first non-title match and then loses two. At least he is IC champ now. Only half sarcasm.
Kevin: I’m pretty excited about him being IC Champ. The WWE seems to have put a real push behind him in both NXT & the WWE. I know he had the consecutive losses to Cena but he’s been winning ever since. Compare that to the already discussed Rusev and where he’s gone since losing to Cena consecutively.
Jeremy: Yes which is why i said that with half sarcasm. There really is no such thing as a curse but dang the evidence. Would be cool if he took it til WrestleMania.
Kevin: But wouldn’t it be predictable if he lost it at Wrestlemania?
Jeremy: With anyone other than Cena, not really. Depends on the build and the push. I get the idea is great for the kids but for the adults who key in on these sort of things it is boring.
Kevin: Nice of you to answer the end of conversation zinger with something practical…cock.
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