Stunt Granny Audio 321

I saved this from

I saved this from

Chris & Kevin are back and wondering if now news is good news. They kick off the show by talking about no news about TNA’s renewal with Destination America. Why are they having the big battle for TNA vs GFW for a few weeks before their tapings end? Will we be able to get all Stunt Granny Contributors on the same show if this is the end for TNA? Chris & Kevin sing the praises of Dalton Castle as Kevin watches ROH. They move onto Raw finally and all it’s major subjects. Do you want Dudley Boyz vs New Day opinions for you? Check. The Divas Revolution, just what level of botched are we on now? Will Charlotte take the title at Night of Champions? Check. Who do your hosts not want to see win the WWE Title on Sunday? Your choices are Seth Rollins, Sting or Sheamus. Would it be best to see John Cena bring back the US Open challenge? Could Rollins still retain the WWE Title? Check. Last but not least, who is the rumored partner for Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns? Does it have to be a commodity or can it be a new guy? How bad is it if it’s Erick Rowan? We got that too so click on the link below.

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