Stunt Granny Audio 327

Saved from Quite clearly from the History Channel.

Saved from Quite clearly from the History Channel.

Chris & Kevin are back again and ready for a pseudo-bachelor party. We know that Kevin is drinking Stunt Granny Brewing but what is Chris drinking? Alberto Del Rio’s angle is ready to make both of them drink already but isn’t it too early to go crazy about it? Should Zeb Colter always ride in a scooter? They talk about Roman Reigns and what his future holds. Are the WWE finally going to pull the trigger with him? Or will they drag this feud out with SEth freakin’ Rollins? Is there a chance he loses it? What similarities do Dalton Castle and Tyler Breeze have? What is the worst part of the pairing of Breeze and Summer Rae? Bray Wyatt continues to get prime spots. Did his story line make sense? Will it end in a traditional Survivor Series match? Who would Kane and Undertaker get to fill out their team? Are we ever going to get above the catty fights that plague the Divas division? Will we at least get a good match out of Paige and Charlotte? What is to be thought of Seth Rollins since he will (probably) lose to Reigns? What is to be made of the mess of story lines with Adam Cole, Mike Bennett & Matt Taven and Michael Elgin, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly? Join your intrepid duo into the fun that is pro wrestling when you click on the link below.

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