Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #38


The boys are back and talking about the Flash and Arrow season premieres. Did Fash handle the opening correctly? How much information was leaked about this season and how much was actually remembered? Is Flash falling prey to the villain of the week or has the show established itself enough for a season long arc? How terrible s Felicity as a person? How did Arrow fare in comparison? How much relevant information was given out in a short amount of time? Would Green Lantern work in the DC TV Universe? What the hell is with Diggle’s, um, cough, costume? No show is compete with a conversation about The Fast and The Furious. How good of a year is F Gary Gray having? Could the F&F gig lead to something a bit more marvelous/ All of these questions are answered so get to downloading.

We Watch Stuff #38

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