Stunt Granny Audio 324

MCU Park saved from

MCU Park saved from

Chris & Kevin are back and they had the good fortune of having more stupid TNA news drop in their lap just prior to recording. The already infamous clip of Matt Hardy vacating the TNA World Title gets dissected. Not really, because it’s hard to dissect something that has no substance. So they just hammer TNA for more dumb decisions including going to India and possibly giving Mahabali Shera a title reign during it. The guys shuffle onto Raw and their fair share of problems. Are they ready to pull their hair out like Jeremy with WWE’s product? Can Kevin get Chris to talk about the Divas? Even with a predictable finish, are they looking forward to the Bayley vs Sasha Banks Ironwoman match? What event is getting in the way of Kevin’s viewing of NXT Takeover? How did ROH do when they hosted Field of Dreams at MCU Park in Brooklyn? Did GFW wreck this event? Join Chris & Kevin for the weekly fun of the Stunt Granny podcast when you click on the link below!

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