Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 64 – Pucks, Puppies & Soccer Goku

Ivan Rakitic with some super fans from Japan saved from @edgarfornos Twitter account

Ivan Rakitic with some super fans from Japan saved from @edgarfornos Twitter account

Ken & Kevin are back during an audio engineer’s strike at Stunt Granny HQ. They talk about the recent trend at NHL games that has allowed two little girls to get new dogs. One of those times was right here in Columbus Ohio. Cam Atkinson scored three goals so did the father buy three new dogs for his daughter? Did they name the dogs after the goal scorers? What possible variations of Atkinson’s name would make sense? When will this trend of puppy scoring bets reach critical mass? What other Blue Jackets related story is on their docket? Did host Kevin enjoy the work of Dancing Kevin at CBJ games? Why was he in the Columbus Dispatch? What will keep him out of the spot light in the future? What other famous fans get this type of recognition? Ken & Kevin try to move on when The Wife shows up to talk about her friend’s new man. It could be one of the more ridiculous conversations ever on the show. Your hosts finally get around to their topic which is player Ivan Rikitic of FC Barcelona looking like Goku from Dragonball Z. This story was brought to you by our friend Patrick of Massive Does Rakitic really look like Goku? Does he look like regular Goku or Super Saiyan Goku? Ken & Kevin finish by talking about the Sippy Time Beer of the week and Stunt Granny Brewing’s newest beer. Join us for this very OH in OHPA episode by clicking the link below.

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