Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 6 – Twice As Far

Saved from Sure to do with AMC/Gene Page.

Saved from Sure to do with AMC/Gene Page.

Kevin: So busy beaver, do you want to talk about The Walking Dead?

Jeremy: Oh yeah.

Kevin: This episode was paired down character wise so it’s easy to start with the threesome –  Daryl, Rosita and Denise.

Jeremy: The episode was all filler until the half way point. I was saying out loud “Filler week.” They set up Denise to take the fall but they distracted you with Abraham and Eugene. The trio made no sense and was just used to get the Saviors screen time.

Kevin: This could be the shortest talk ever. Nothing like blowing over half of the episode but you are right. Nothing happened for a lot of this episode. I am having a problem with the last sentence as much like the rest of the episode, enough information wasn’t given out. I had forgotten Dwight. Was he with the caravan that got blown up? I mean, I can assume he’s with the Saviors but I was given no information that he is.

Jeremy: No he was the one who stole the motorcycle and the crossbow with the two women. he made mention of running from a group and was going to grab the fuel truck as a trade. Then Daryl shows up and they all freak out. I don;t mean to blow past the beginning of the episode. There were some decent things but it just was there to fill time. I liked the fact we got more of Rosita and Denise but really what did we get? They were on screen more than they have been in a while but that was about it. There were some rough moments with the baby shoe in the sink.

Kevin: Even by the old, “Person X gets more screen time means they’re going to die” standards, Denise didn’t get much screen time and didn’t even really fill in much about herself. Sure, we found out she was one half of twins but they never really got into what happened to Denis.

Jeremy: Right, here’s the thing a non-comics reader is going to view tonight episode differently. What happens to Denise was supposed to be Abraham. So the entire episode I was waiting for Abraham to bite it. Even when they took the tracks back I figured Abraham was going down. When she started babbling I figured she was going down but I figured by walker. They used Denise as a means to an end without giving her much.

Kevin: It’s another death that doesn’t have an impact. If Abraham had died, it would have given it some gravity. Instead, The Walking Dead world continues it’s own assault on the few doctors left on the planet.

Jeremy: Right, I suppose you could make the case that her death shows the significance of a newbie being out in the world but I don’t care to try and think that through. It also doesn’t validate the ” no one is safe” idea since she was a bit character. Sure she had some screen time but nothing that mattered much. One fact I did enjoy is that she never got to drink her Crush.

Kevin: And how much of that is Daryl & Rosita’s fault that she got shot? Not that Denise didn’t deserve the brow beating she got, but don’t you know at this juncture that having a yelling match in the middle of nowhere is a bad idea? You’re either going to attract zombies or other humans who want to kill you. Neither are good options.

Jeremy: That was the tip off she was a goner.  Not sure that is on them as much since she was doing all the yelling.  They used Denise it seems as a means to make Daryl’s guilt build. At least he got his crossbow back though.

Kevin: Why is Daryl feeling guilty? I know that was another point that they tried to drive home last night but I’m lost on what he’s to feel guilty about. He’s had his fair share of tragedies but they all seem further in the past.

Jeremy: Remember he told Carol he should have killed them. Instead his act of kindness was rewarded with them thieving his junk and now he has the same guy come back and kill Denise knowing he was actually aiming for him. I would say he would feel guilty about that even if it isn’t exactly his fault.

Kevin: So I guess I feel like I’m getting a mixed message then. Weren’t we supposed to feel that the Group attacked the Saviors unprovoked? But this week we shouldn’t feel bad for the Savior since they are a bunch of thieving bastards who kill people? It seems like they’re building up the Saviors all wrong.

Jeremy: This was the crux of last weeks episode. No one sees themselves as the bad guys. We “root” for the group because we have been seeing them the entire time. it is possible we would look at them differently if we had been viewing a totally different group. Some people are just worse than others. Those are the ones we have the feeling towards. Of course I could have it all wrong and you are right.

Kevin: So I guess that leads me back to Daryl, he feels guilty about letting those two guys go who killed Denise but not guilty for killing the Saviors last week? I need some type of on screen conflict for him and really others. As you already pointed out, Rosita & Denise got more screen time but it didn’t really develop their personalities. We really talked about a similar thing about Carol last week too.

Jeremy: Rosita was boiled down to being cold to Spencer because he isn’t Abraham. I get the rebound stuff but dang woman.

Kevin: And she got a few compliments from Denise. Not exactly character development. I feel like they’ve done a better job with that in the past so I think that’s another reason the large part of this show was disappointing.

Jeremy: She has been relegated to background for the most part. This leads to another part of the show with Eugene and Abraham. Eugene seems to be the only one with long term planning. First the grain and now the bullets.  The ponytail though is unfortunate.

Kevin: Eugene’s explanation of it though was quite hilarious. Trying to get those ladies. He does seem like a character who should have a little more screen time but he’s gotten a boot to the teeth ever since he said he was lying about DC. I do have one question though (and I think Abraham asked it too) why didn’t he tell Rick about bullets idea?

Jeremy: That was one thing I was lost on as well.  There is no reason to keep anything a secret. Unless Eugene didn’t want to deal with the disappointment in case the factory wouldn’t work., This way he can keep it to himself without the group saying” Well find another place.” I was confused how the metal head walker didn’t garner at least some sort of questioning. Why does he have a metal head? It seemed deliberate.

Kevin: I’ll follow your question with another one. Wouldn’t molten steel melt a zombie’s brain which would kill it? I mean, people used to do this in siege war fare. Pretty sure the people having hot metals or tar thrown on their head didn’t live to tell about it.

Jeremy: Unless it was wearing a helmet before? If not, I got nothing. The person was alive before that so maybe it was dipped like a strawberry in hot chocolate? Why I think it begged at least a bit of questioning.

Kevin: Ha. Dipped like a strawberry. Maybe we’ve found out the way to make ourselves indestructible in a zombie apocalypse.

Jeremy: It would hurt like hell and you better have some decent neck strength.

Kevin: I don’t think anything more will be made of that zombie though considering they can’t get enough TV time to flesh out the characters they do have on TV. Abraham really didn’t get much talking in for his portion of the moving along process after leaving Rosita.

Jeremy: They gave Abraham some good lines but nothing will top “You are a first rate dick biter and I mean that with the utmost respect.” How do you kill off a guy like that?

Kevin: I was almost on the ground howling when I heard that line. I don’t want him dead but it goes back to having some meaning for a death. I’ve already forgotten the dope that died earlier this half season.

Jeremy: Well there have been a bunch of people so far. The time jumps on the show don’t help for some character deaths to resonate. Abraham also finally said screw it and showed up at Sasha’s place and awkwardly confesses his feeling for her.

Kevin: Another part of this episode that just felt rushed. I mean, his attitude toward Sasha was pretty obvious. Her attitude toward him could have used a little more time before she invited him in.

Jeremy: You mean the shots of her looking awkward and lonely on guard duty didn’t get that across? It was rather heavy handed.

Kevin: No, it didn’t get it across. The only thing that I got out of the opening scene was confusion that Chinese Kevin was fucking with the DVR or that AMC was repeating the same scenes for some reason.I guess she didn’t even look that lonely to me. Just checking out who was on guard next. I know they had her in frame alone but with the sun coming over her back shoulder and the shade on her face, it’s hard to read what he look is.

Jeremy: No they were showing the same scene but with slight differences. Just the passage of time. it was just setting up people for a loss which seems to be inevitable by final episode this season.

Kevin: I realized that after I hit FF and Rewind.

Jeremy: The way it faded and started over immediately I did believe there was an issue with AMC.

Kevin: Is there anything else to cover before the closing letter?

Jeremy: Not really other than Carol leaving out of the blue. This story line clearly suffers from the time jump.  We got no explanation of how or why Morgan got in Carols head.

Kevin: Or as you had brought up last week or the week before last, we had no idea how close her and Tobin were.

Jeremy: A seemingly out of the blue hook up meant they were actually together?

Kevin: For an extended period of time. Now, the one RV was driving near the end of the show. Is that what Carol took as a vehicle or was I misreading the scene?

Jeremy: I wasn’t sure but I think they lined up all the cars and RV for protection form someone or specifically The Saviors from attack. It will slow them down enough.

Kevin: Reinforcing the walls is a smart plan. Leaving right before a big battle, not such a smart move even if you’re in the middle of a moral dilemma. I’d love to know why Morgan is still sticking around but I know I’m asking for too much.

Jeremy: He built a prison cell dammit. What more do you want?

Kevin: I’m just picturing Morgan doing a Youtube video of how to install masonry in your own home made prison cell.

Jeremy: If the internet was still in tact I would have to agree.

Kevin: But back to Carol, nothing good comes of her leaving except more people dying, right?

Jeremy: Yes and possibly herself. If I had to guess, Negan catches her and uses her as a means to get inside Alexandria.

Kevin: I would think so. And I think we get a meaningful death before the close to season 6.

Jeremy: If Negan is as bad as people seem to think he is, one death would be too little.

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