Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE NXT – 20 April ’16

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Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs American Alpha – Enzo got to do some mic work before the match. I loved Corey Graves reacting poorly to him. Both of the small guys (Chad Gable & Enzo) did some selling in the match while both of big guys (Jason Jordan & Big Cass) handled the hot tags. Cass eliminated himself by saving Enzo from the corner spear attempt by Jordan. It just slowed down the inevitable win with the Super Side Suplex. Well wrestled match and you expect Enzo & Cass to put over the new champions as their (probable) farewell from NXT.

Apollo Crews showing something of a nasty side when talking about competing against Samoa Joe last night. He still has some work to do on promos from the tone department.

Alexander Wolfe vs No Way Jose – Wolfe was nicknamed “The Axeman” which is not good news for Curtis Axel. No Way Jose came out as a more Latino version of Fandango. His finisher ended up being a “pitch” that doubled as a straight right. That seems like a weak finiher to me, Jose. He seemed to move well in the ring but the gimmick is way more than the in ring work at the moment.

Austin Aries continues to cut promos like a heel but yet he’s still wrestling Baron Corbin. Much like the earlier match and the match later tonight between Crews & Samoa Joe, I think the main roster guy is going to lose. I’m completely fine wiht Aries going heel. He’s good at it, so he’ll eventually be turned but, hey, ride the wave.

Elias Samson is playing guitar when William Regal informs him that he will be taking on Shinsuke Nakamura next week. Samson plays some bad guitar strings. I figured the WWE thought he had potential. He’s going down the enhancement talent road at the moment.

Nia Jax vs Deonna Purrazzo – Purrazzo got in some offense but was mostly the bug on the proverbial windshield. Jax won with a leg drop.

Bayley was interviewed back stage about Asuka & Eva Marie. She says that she doesn’t need to be reminded about how lethal Asuka is after her loss at NXT Takeover: Dallas. Bayley also tells us not to get caught up in Eva’s Total Divas persona because she can go in the ring. Bayley will be paying attention when the NXT Women’s Title is on the line.

Apollo Crews vs Samoa Joe – I’m a bit surprised by Joe’s dominance in this match. Crews took advantage of some openings but never for long periods of time. It was so dominant that Joe won with the Kokina Clutch tap out win. Joe looked to be on a mission to get another crack at Finn Balor, which even the announcers were supporting.

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