Stunt Granny Audio 349 – More Bad TNA, Conor McGregor and More Positive WWE

Just listen to the show to know why this picture is used.

Just listen to the show to know why this picture is used.

Chris & Kevin are back on the air waves and their topics are very similar to the previous week’s show, except with more details. Why is Aroluxe Entertainment interested in buying a minority share in a company run by Dixie Carter? Hasn’t she worked hard to become the worst wrestling company on TV? Could Aroluxe be depending on nonpayment to become majority owners? Wouldn’t the whole league need a complete change in name and format to gain more traction again? Could Ron and Don Harris bring a new vision to the wrestling world? Would that vision be like their unsavory (possibly former) associates? Wouldn’t that cause it’s own problem for a major broadcast? Won’t it be fun to continue to see this thing unfold? How about the news that Conor McGregor has retired from the UFC? Is it possible that he could join the WWE? Did he really start following them on Twitter? Doesn’t the UFC’s explanation also leave something to be desired? Could he draw in those people who have left wrestling if he signed with the WWE? Can we please already speculate a Brock Lesnar vs McGregor match at Wrestlemania? Too premature? Chris & Kevin do get around to talking about the WWE’s current positives. A handful of ladies have something to do including Becky Lynch, Emma, Sasha Banks, Summer Rae, Natalya and Charlotte. The later two obviously have more of the spot light since the WWE Women’s Title is on the line. Will Natalya finally get the big win or will Charlotte prevail again? Do either of your hosts think that AJ Styles is behind the actions of Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows? If he isn’t, who is behind their actions? Will Roman Reigns be able to have a great match with Styles? Has Shane McMahon managed to stay out of the spot light despite complaints by Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho? Chris & Kevin end the night by talking about Stunt Granny Brewing trying their hand at home brew competitions. Which beers are being submitted? What is the possible prize? Find out when you click the link below.

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