Stunt Granny Presents: OHPA 68 – Rotting Genitals, Swarm Intelligence & The Game Go

Saved from Picture by Takashi Osato.

Saved from Picture by Takashi Osato.

Ken & Kevin start off by talking about the newest beer from Stunt Granny Brewing, Shooting Star Press IPA. They then move on to talk about Wilson from Home Improvement and how it relates to Kevin’s neighbor. Those topics take up way more of the show than a wife trying to do evil things to her husband’s privates. How did she do them?Why do you resort to such tactics instead of getting a divorce? Where else did random poisoning happening with the drug paraquat? Horse racing can also involve drugging horses but that’s not what we’re talking about on this episode. How did Swarm Intelligence work for the recent Kentucky Derby? Why don’t humans use more swarm intelligence? How many animals do use it? Could swarm intelligence change betting forever? Will the game Go be changed forever now that Google’s AI has beaten Go Genius Lee Sedol? What are the rules for this game? Why has it taken so long for computers to solve this game when chess was solved years ago? How upset did Sedol get when the program made a certain move? Will you get upset when you listen to the show? Find out by clicking the link below!


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