Stunt Granny Audio 355 – John Cena Patriot, Redesigns and Super J Cup

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Chris & Kevin are back in your ear holes with a new week of wrestling. How much of Raw did Kevin fit in before watching the show? Was John Cena a good topic to start with? Was he implying too much? Was it offensive or just tone deaf? Was it worse to have AJ Styles have such a short lived “break up” with Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows? Or was it even worse that Shane McMahon had his sneakers featured by New Day? They are certainly allowed to write their own material but is that the reason they bomb like they did this week? Why is it that Redesign Rebuild Reclaim gets a pass as written material for Seth Rollins but Roman Reigns can’t get away with being “Thee Man”? Chris & Kevin circle around one of the reasons the New Day segment bombed, the WWE hasn’t planned out the brand extension. Would a women’s tag team division be a viability in this situation? Why does the WWE keep following back women being in pairs like they are doing with Charlotte & Dana Brooke? How bad did Brooke look her match with Natalya? The guys try to wrap the show up by talking about Will Ospreay taking on Ricochet in New Japan’s Super J Cup. Who agrees with Vader’s assessment that it’s exposing the business too much? How good was the match? Is there a time limit for greatness? Isn’t the even the WWE already going with a lighter wrestler than in years past? This topics brings Chris & Kevin back to the speculation riddled brand extension. Stunt Granny won’t be getting an extension, so just click on the link below.

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