Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 70 – Chatbots, Links & Bees

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Ken & Kevin are back again and boy do they have some interesting topics for you. Do you like parking tickets? Do you not know how to proceed to right a wrong? Well, 19 year old Stanford University student Joshua Browder has created a “Chatbot Lawyer” to help get you out of this sticky situation. How good is their rate of over turning in the “test” cities of London & New York? How much does one cost? Why exactly did this gentleman think to build this device? Kevin has been busy with recent posts tweeting out the articles covered in this show. Did you read them? How about your hosts? How depressing are the results? Another link that Ken & Kevin clicked was tweeted out by Joe Rogan which not surprisingly talks about the benefits of cannabis. How firm is the evidence right now? Will more research be done on it’s benefits now that more states are legalizing it? How about Ohio’s recent signing of a medical marijuana?  Staying on the scientific discovery side, Ken & Kevin wrap up by talking about the common thread between bees and mammals social organization. Is a city similar to a hive? How long ago was it that the species had a common ancestor? What does this mean for a practical application? These two bozos may not have a good answer but they do have a good Bell Time Beer for you this week so click on the link below!

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