Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 71 – RoboGlove, Spoilers, Ghostbusters & Illusions

Ken & Kevin are back again and they’re ready to talk about the RoboGlove. They wonder how close the robot uprising is. Which human body parts could get mangled with such a glove? Why was this product developed? Who’s work are they trying to make easier? AMC & HBO are trying to make it less easy for people to publish spoilers for The Walking Dead & Game of Thrones. How specific do the spoilers have to be for them to pursue legal action? Will Jeremy & Kevin get into trouble if they predict who dies at the hands of Lucille? Will Stunt Granny ever have a mole this deep? There was an ironic spoiler alert on the video above which is about How Ghostbusters Became Ghostbusters. Michael Tucker walks you through his show called Lessons From The Screenplay which helps to define the how and why and how they impact the making of the movie differently. Was Ghostbusters always set in the present day? How is that different from the nutty professors starting a business together? Would Ken & Kevin intentionally release this episode with the Paul Feig directed Ghostbusters coming out this weekend? They end by talking about a simple optical illusion. Is it really simple? Don’t worry, there’s no staring at a picture involved in this illusion. Will the link show you how it was done? The show is done so of course they talked about the Bell Time Beer of the week. What was it? Find out by clicking the link below!

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