Stunt Granny Audio 367 – Brock Lesnar, NXT Takeover, Summerslam and More!

Chris, Kevin & Shahid break down all of the wrestling from the weekend or do they? And why did the show get off to a weird start? What is to be thought of the Brock Lesnar tornado that hit at Summerslam? Is there anyone to blame in the Lesnar versus Chris Jericho confrontation backstage? Are there better ways to get someone to bleed other than elbows to the head? Wouldn’t it be safer to blade? The guys rewind a bit finally though and talk about the large volume of wrestling over the past four days. Was it “too much?” wrestling? Was the Brooklyn crowd burned out by the end it? Did they live up to their hipster billing? Why can’t fans stay on the good side of raucous? Why did they have such a problem with the Universal Title that they’d take away from the fantastic effort of Finn Balor and Seth Rollins? When is Rollins really going to get labeled as a wrestler that can injure people? Why did Kevin forget about him breaking John Cena‘s nose? Did the crowd get worn out by the earlier John Cena vs AJ Styles match that had everything in it? Was Bayley always a more natural fit on Raw since she plays off Charlotte and Sasha Banks well? Is Banks going to have to re-evaluate her ring style to wrestle past the age of 30? How did Nikki Bella look after coming back from a nearly career ending injury? What else does this trio cover? Find out by clicking on the link below.

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