Stunt Granny Audio Presents: We Watch Stuff #69


This weeks We Watch Stuff is the very special #69! Yeah baby, um, yeah? Right? OK so, the boys talk about the state of WWE. Even with the large amount of content WWE right now is hitting on all cylinders how long can it last? They also explain the benefits of avoiding spoilers as one of the hosts this week was totally shocked by the Cruiserweight Classic. There is also talk of the highest paid actor in the world and the top spot shouldn’t be a surprise but it sort of is.  How the hell does Jennifer Aniston make so much money? In yet another fit of rage nerds are complaining again about casting. Is this ever going to end? Who is to blame for it all? How good was Jean Claude Johnson? What was both guys favorite part? All you have to do is download and give it a listen.


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