Stunt Granny Audio Presents: OHPA 73 – Goat Man, Noah’s Ark and Dinosaurs

Screen capped from Joergilmaz's Youtube video.

Screen capped from Joergilmaz’s Youtube video.

Ken & Kevin are back in the saddle for a show all about animals. Their first topic is about Thomas Thwaites who dressed up and lived as a goat for three days. How much time did it take to design the device that made him not really resemble a goat? How is he getting paid to do this type of thing? Did he have any goat friends after his three days? How about goat enemies? How did he go about eating while in this costume? They move along to talking about the Noah’s Ark replica that is in Kentucky. How long did it take Noah and his sons to build the Ark according to the Bible? How exactly did all of the animals get to Noah? How did Noah and his family deal with loading dinosaurs onto the Ark? Were all of these animals full sized or children to save space? Can you talk someone out of believing that dinosaurs and humans existed at the same time? Ken & Kevin wrap up their dinosaur talk by talking about the most recent dinosaur movie, Jurassic World. Why is someone busting their balls about the dinosaurs screaming instead of sounding like a bird? Isn’t it good enough for you people that they added feathers to some of the dinosaurs? This episode feels like it was recorded in the Jurassic Era but good thing for you and your ears, it’s brand new so click on the link below!

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