Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of WWE Raw – 21 Nov. ’16

The Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. Saved from

The Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. Saved from

Bill Goldberg comes out first. He thanks lots of people. Stephanie McMahon asked if he had on last title run left in him. He asks for the fans opinion. He then says you bet your sweet ass, he’s got another title run left in him. We’ll see him again in the Royal Rumble match. So people who bitched about Goldberg’s quick win last night, maybe you should have waited for his further involvement. Just saying.

New Day is taking on Cesaro & Sheamus for the WWE Tag Team Titles due to Cesaro & Sheamus being the sole survivors last night. New Day is not getting much traction during this promo except for their catch phrases. Cesaro & Sheamus get the momentum early. Sheamus tosses Kofi against the ring post to continue the assault. Sheamus runs into Cesaro accidentally so that Big E can get a hot tag. Sheamus turns it back around quickly. That brings in Cesaro & Kofi Kingston. Cesaro gets a pin attempt after catching Kofi trying a cross body.  Cesaro catches Kofi going for Trouble in Paradise. He starts swinging Kofi. I do need to take a break visually when he goes long with that move. Cesaro turns it into a Sharp Shooter. Sheamus Brogue Kicks Big E on the outside. Xavier Woods jumps on the apron. Kofi taps but the referee is dealing with Woods. Cesaro releases the hold. Kingston small packages Cesaro for the win. That move makes no sense is basically a no sell of both The Swing & the Sharp Shooter.

Chris Jericho said that Team Raw lost because someone decided to use “The List” as a weapon and he’ll name the culprit tonight on the Highlight Reel.

Enzo Amore gets locked out of the locker room by Big Cass so he has to stroll around the back stage area naked. He has a few encounters until he ends up running into Lana. Rusev then comes in and starts yelling at Enzo. Cass finally shows up. Rusev grabs Lana around the head so as to cover her eyes and he walks off with her. I’m not doing this segment justice. It was moderately funny until the end which was classic awesome Rusev.

Stephanie McMahon & Mick Foley about Raw’s over all good performance last night. They punish Sami Zayn for losing. He has to take on Braun Strowman. For some reason, he acts dejected. He stood up to him and wanted a match that Strowman walked away from. Shouldn’t he be happy? I mean, other than the fact that he is so jobbing to Strowman.

Cedric Alexander (who hasn’t had mic time in the WWE) against Daivari (who gets some words in Arabic). Alexander looks better at 205 then he did at 225 in ROH. The WWE usually makes for better training regiments. He could use that as a card later in the WWE to move out of the Cruiser Weight Division. Lumbar Check for the somewhat quick win.

Before Chris Jericho can say much of anything, Kevin Owens comes down to the ring. Owens gets the people in the back to show some pictures. Owens notes that he was saving Jericho from a Styles Clash when he used “The List.” Instead of taking advantage of an opening, Jericho got RKOed. They look like they’re going to fight then they blame Roman Reigns for losing last night. Owens ends up saying that Seth Rollins is just as at fault. He comes out and reminds them of his future Championship opportunity. Rollins says he’s going to have to take both of them out and starts punching. Owens & Jericho end up gaining control until Reigns shows up. Mick Foley comes out and makes the match for tonight with both Jericho & Reigns banned from ring side.

Lana introduces Rusev. Enzo & Big Cass end up piling on Rusev as they comes to the ring. Rusev crushes him getting the Accolade tap out victory. We will likely get a more competitive match involving the big men in the near future.

R Truth & Goldust are taking on Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson for a shot at New Day next week. Gallows & Anderson win with the Magic Killer. I’m glad that they won but are they really going to break the streak at this point with a team the WWE hasn’t shown much faith in?

Sami Zayn gets flattened by Braun Strowman as he comes to the ring. He continues the attack after a short reprieve to let the match officially begin. Zayn got one Hope Spot but other wise was squashed to the point of Mick Foley calling the match.

Charlotte comes out and brags about taking out Bayley. Sasha Banks ends up being the one to answer the crowing. She ends up getting a Championship match in Charlotte next week. Nia Jax comes out to settle her beef with Banks. They end up brawling with Jax dominating. Bayley finally makes the save.

Of course there is a tag team match after the commercial break. Dana Brooke is still lurking at ring side. Bayley ends up taking the beating for the face side of things. Sasha gets the hot tag and ends up tapping out Charlotte. The match was pretty good for what it was.

Seth Rollins with an average promo about reclaiming the WWE Universal Title except he never held that championship.

Rich Swann really needs to lose the wings on the tights. Noam Dar is still a blank slate. Being introduced in your home town is cool and all but that doesn’t give you a personality. TJ Perkins is the last man out. Brian Kendrick being on the head set is almost as important as the match itself. The crowd was not into this match either. As on can imagine, Swann won because as the announcers noted, he’s won a few matches over Kendrick.

Kevin Owens has a better promo than Seth Rollins. Owens talks about how Rollin is a failure.

When they announced the stipulation of Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns were banned from ring side, I wondered to myself, if the match is also no DQ, can’t either of them just come down any way? Naturally, Jericho is the one who violated this stipulation and attacks Rollins after another very good match. It ends up costing him. Owens super kicks him then Power Bombs him onto the apron. Owens rolls Rollins back into the ring and pins him for the win. – Kevin DiFrango

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