Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 7 – Go Getters

All rights to AMC/Gene Page. Saved from

All rights to AMC/Gene Page. Saved from

Kevin: Wasn’t sure if we’d put a dash of wrestling into our The Walking Dead review.

Jeremy: If we have 72 seconds sure? Or is that 92? The match was so short I can’t remember.

Kevin: I can’t say I busted out a stop watch for it. I knew it wasn’t going 30 minutes but I certainly didn’t expect a squash match.

Jeremy: Man, when Brock came down to the ring you could tell he was losing. He didn’t have the same intensity as normal. I did not expect that and I am not sure if I liked it or not. Still going back and forth.

Kevin: I saw a majority of people SG follows approved but some didn’t like it. Always going to be strange that Vince let go of his “Eff you” attitude toward any WCW product.

Jeremy: I was wondering if Goldberg was hurt like he said. I also read Goldberg signed for more matches and appearances so there will be a rematch. It makes it a bit easier to swallow since Brock would kill him.

Kevin: Who knows? The truth will come out eventually. I didn’t lose any sleep over Brock losing. That match ending so quickly did allow me to start watching The Walking Dead earlier than normal.

Jeremy: It allowed me to watch the end of the Packers/Redskins. Other than that I just blew it off. Still not a Goldberg fan and now his weird shirtless son. Who  thought that was a good idea?

Kevin: I would imagine some pedo out there liked his son being shirtless. Other than that, no one.

Jeremy: I changed my tab to something else and came back and there’s Bil and his kid.

Kevin: I can’t wait until the kid is in NXT in 10 years.

Jeremy: Put him in a tag team with James Ellsworth, the 31 year old 50 year old.

Kevin: We can only hope Ellsworth sticks around as long as R Truth

Jeremy: R Truth, I believe, is near 50 and he looks younger than James.

Kevin: He’s definitely in better shape.

Jeremy: Yeah no doubt about that. Speaking of shape….yep I did that… Maggie was looking way better this week.

Kevin: She was still pretty rough around the edges, but she was in better shape. They did confirm she kept the baby which I suppose is important to someone.

Jeremy: I was sort of hoping they got rid of that problem but at least there is a legit doctor at Hilltop. I know they have basically removed Judith outside of a cameo but still don’t need another baby. I did really enjoy this episode though.

Kevin: Seeing how Maggie is coping was the last story not to be told after the season premiere so it was needed. There was more intrigue at Hilltop than I would have thought too.

Jeremy: I didn’t get the feeling Gregory was that aloof, disinterested and cowardly as they showed him last night. he couldn’t be bothered to know peoples names in his own community. Him asking ” Who’s Sasha?” cracked me up though.

Kevin: I figured Gregory was just being a dick to Maggie & Sasha. Did he forget someone else’s name that’s been around Hilltop longer? I agree though that the portrait of Gregory was way different this time around as opposed to when they made the deal with Alexandria.

Jeremy: He forgot some other names and Jesus had to correct him and then called him out for it again when they had their face to face. When Gregory’s big plan for Sasha and Maggie was to hide in a closet that was a big tell about his idiocy.

Kevin: See, I don’t think he was an idiot so much as a nervous nelly. That and I had the feeling he was going to sell out Maggie & Sasha to garner favor which really didn’t make much sense unless a scene was cut that made the Saviors suspect they were harboring someone.

Jeremy: Idiocy may have been the wrong word but he was clearly doing to in order to sell them out. I am with you on a missing scene or missing dialogue. It felt to me like Simon was hinting that he knew Hilltop put Alexandria on their people. Who else knew where their people had a bunker.

Kevin: I don’t know who else may know about the outpost Alexandria attacked but it has to be a limited amount of people so it would be fair to suspect Hilltop.

Jeremy: I did appreciate Simon questioning Gregory on just about everything. Then even questions his taste in drinks. I am guessing Hilltop has no weapons? When the walkers broke through there wasn’t a gun to be found.

Kevin: They did make something of a point when Alexandria made the pact that Hilltop didn’t have many weapons and were largely ignorant of fighting. I was surprised that it meant no guns.

Jeremy: I thought Negan took all of Alexandria’s guns because they showed themselves to be dangerous. Outside of Jesus fighting skills, no one else looked that dangerous.

Kevin: Everyone else crapped the bed and did nothing. I hope Jesus & Sasha had their shoulders rubbed down and ice bathed after having to stab that many walkers.

Jeremy: Well, Maggie did help out driving a tractor. I did like those effects of walkers getting squashed.

Kevin: Then that makes the community of Hilltop a bunch of sillier geese for watching a pregnant woman kill more walkers than them.

Jeremy: Where was everyone? Just staying in doors cowering?

Kevin: That’s my assumption with no one else in the montage outside of those three. To stay on the topic of what’s happening at Hilltop, I guess I didn’t get the vibe that Gregory was ever challenged for power but that case was pretty obvious in this episode.

Jeremy: It seems like no one wanted the mantle and he just said “Hey its me.” Then he got the nice house.

Kevin: Now, was it just me that Jesus didn’t seem to want the mantle even though the residents wanted him to have it?

Jeremy: Same here but then Jesus never seemed to stay there as well. Gregory made it seem like he came and went as he pleased and didn’t contribute.

Kevin: I would think more is to come with Jesus wanting power in Hilltop but who knows since he decided to pull a hobo move at the end of the show and jump into one of the Savior’s trucks for the trip back to their place.

Jeremy: He was asked to find Negan’s lair. I don’t think he is pulling a power play though. Seemed like he was looking at Maggie. it was a good thing he jumped int eh truck cause stupid Carl thinks he can do something.

Kevin: That kid needed to lose his arm to learn a lesson because even though he’s put himself in more bad positions than anyone else on the show, he’s gotten out of it every damn time.

Jeremy: He even got offered some and he didn’t take it. What kind of kid is he where he wouldnt run down for some sweetness and then go off on his stupid mission?

Kevin: Your guess is as good as mine. You take some loving when you get the chance. Enid’s relationship with Maggie was another one where I felt like I was missing something from previous episodes. I remember Maggie taking her under her wing but she seemed very resistant to liking Maggie.

Jeremy: I remember there being a moment but cannot remember what it was. So in that respect I let that one slide. I love the fact she can just worm her way in anywhere and no one notices.

Kevin: I was scratching my head on that one. Leaving Alexandria is one thing because it seems to take up a bit of land mass and there aren’t enough people to be watching the wall all of the time. Hilltop on the other hand looks to be the size of an old fort from 1776 so not sure how she got in there undetected.

Jeremy: Shes tricky. I remember now and it ties to her escapability. Glenn wouldn’t let her go off on her own and then she helped hi out after he hid under the dumpster. The girl is tricky and maybe she is in there with Carl as well?

Kevin: I would doubt it since she was having her sit down with Maggie & Sasha but it is a possibility.

Jeremy: Oh yeah. Dur.

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