Stunt Granny Audio Presents We Watch Stuff #77

This week “We Watch Stuff” covers a bunch of different stories. They start by taking about Dr. Strange and the expectations surrounding the movie. Is it reasonable to expect this film to top Captain America Civil War for opening weekend? Should expectations be more on par with Ant-Man? Regardless it appears Marvel has a unique and hopefully interestingly good movie coming out Thursday.  SO what the hell is wrong with The Flash over at DC? Why did they lose yet another director when the film is supposed to come out in 2018? If you had the chance to be anyone who would you be? Would you be the Rock? Nic Cage? Denzel? The boys eventually discuss low budget movies and who attends these flicks? Why are they an essential part of American cinema?  Who goes to a Madea movie anyway? There is even talk about how the new generation feel about movies and if Hollywood films are changing because of this. Is the future of big budget movies from the Hollywood system in over the top action with little story? They may not solve this puzzle but the ride is fun.  So give it a listen won;t ya?


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