Stunt Granny Audio #378

Oh brother, this week Stunt Granny is taken over by one half of the “We Watch Stuff” team as Jeremy fills in for the rehab bound Kevin. Jeremy and Chris go over the past week of wrestling news starting with the legal battle over TNA. What does the chancellors decision mean for the future of TNA? Is the talent finally going to get their back pay? Does Anthem have enough money to cover the future expenses while not making any money until the tide is turned? How can WWE produce two totally different shows on back to back days? What is the real problem with Monday Night Raw? Is it really the three hour running time or is it how those three hours are used? What do they boys make of Bill Goldbergs statement about not being in a wresting ring training for Brock Lesnar? Should the women’s division on Raw be built around Charlotte? How great is Rusev anyway?  Was Raw Talk overly scripted or just not that good? Well, it could be both but you get the idea.  There is plenty of more so get to listening already.

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