Almost Live, Definitely Half Assed Review of Impact Wrestling

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This review is definitely half assed because I started taping this show at 8:09. When I join the action, Sienna and Maria Kannelis are taking out Brandi Rhodes. Considering the Cody Rhodes & Brandi were in Impact Wrestling for a cup of coffee, this is a fine enough reason to get over Kannelis who still continues to underwhelm.

On an “upside” I get to watch Aron Rex defend the TNA Grand Championship against Jesse Godderz. After watching the first round, I’m disappointed that they haven’t changed the format of a match. It’s just like a regular match except it gets stopped every three minutes. No change in strategy or move sets. Rex losses the first to rounds but stops Gooderz with a right hand that is potentially loaded. Last I watched, Godderz was a heel so if Rex is trying to heel it up, you have him do this to a string of faces, right? Am I over thinking it?

Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett & Marchet Rocket  vs Rockstar Spud, Crazzy Steve vs Abyss vs DJ Z, Mandrews & Braxton Sutter. During the match, Josh Matthews says “Every X Division match should have three teams involved, non-stop action.” I couldn’t disagree more. The WWE didn’t do it any different with most of their Crusier Weights this week so don’t get me twisted. They both had plenty of flash but no substance. Let wrestlers have singles or even just a plain tag team match if you want to feature someone. It doesn’t work when 6 or 9 people are involved. Too many faces to feature in too short of a time period.

I’m not sure I can stress how much I don’t like Josh Matthews. He tried to describe the beginning of the the Hardyz and the masked guys since they don’t even have a name yet. Brilliant marketing by the way. Back to the point though, Matthews called the beginning of the match as bedlam but it was a standard brawl. He said it was crazier than either of the Hardy Compound matches. Just terrible. The match ends in a DQ but they fought back stage in a much more “Hardy Way” dare I say.  I can’t believe Jeff Hardy lit a cigarette and then put it out on the masked forehead of a masked guy. That would never happen in the WWE in this climate. Matt Hardy falls off of a fork lift and gets a concussion. The weirdness takes another path which I very much approve of. Very soap opera like.

EC3 doesn’t like Eli Drake so he’s challenging him for Bound For Gold. Drake wisely points out that’s a terrible deal for him. EC3 proposes that he won’t be near the TNA World Heavyweight Championship if he loses. He’ll be an opening match wrestler. Drake then accepts.

I had heard praise of Bobby Lashley from at least Jeremy & Shahid if not also Chris about his current work. I find no fault with their assessment after his promo on this show about taking out Eddie Edwards, who then got his second video package. I really don’t get crowning him champion. I like him but he’s not really a guy who’s good enough to rally around.

The Eddie Edwards vs Bobby Lashley match after this promo didn’t change my mind about anything. Eddie Edwards won to help cement his place as TNA Champion but he’s still an underwhelming champ. I think he’s a good wrestler. I think he’s good for a promo. He’s not great in either. Maybe I missed all of the underdog story build up that they highlighted in the video packages but from what I have seen from an episode here or there to watch the Broken Matt Hardy segments, Edwards wasn’t built up that way. Makes sense that Dixie Carter is still in charge. – Kevin

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