Stunt Granny Conversation: The Walking Dead – Season 7 – Swear

Saved from All rights to AMC and Gene Page.

Saved from All rights to AMC and Gene Page.

Jeremy: Well, last night was yet another “solo” episode and hopefully the last. This season isn’t flowing at all.

Kevin: I had to laugh that last week I said that the Maggie & Sasha was the last one to come out the meeting with the Saviors. I had completely forgotten about the Heath & Tara which was linked but not in the way I was thinking.

Jeremy: I am guessing they didn’t kill off Heath in case the new 24 show bombs?  I liked their interaction with her spilling out lines Glen fed her in the past.

Kevin: Is that where he’s headed? Good for him. I honestly didn’t remember why they were even buddy buddy enough to take on this task. She was such a blank slate, I didn’t expect her to do anything aside from regurgitating lines from other people.

Jeremy: See other than pouting and making out with Denise there has been very little to remember about her. She had a small arc but she got pushed aside for the most part. Watching her interact with the Seaside community was weird. Although flipping off a little girl made me an instant fan.

Kevin: Ha. That was kind of funny but the thing is Tara still doesn’t have much of a character. Writers do a fabulous job of making kids hate-able.

Jeremy: Her only character traits were her awful improv skills and seemingly poor hand to hand combat. Her aim though is decent. Won;t question her survival skills though as she sniffed out their ambush.

Kevin: That is an important point about her survival skills. Always need those in a zombie apocalypse. I did find the Seaside Community at least mildly interesting. It helps to work towards our theory of having a group of groups go after the Saviors. Seaside certainly had reasons to go after them.

Jeremy: Yeah but their lack of trust probably won;t be overcome too easy. Knowing they “worked” with the Saviors and then had a falling out is interesting. Were they a community or was it Saviors rules? The way it ended with all the males being killed makes me think Seaside maybe didn’t understand the deal?

Kevin: Agreed that part is fascinating. In past episode with the victims of Lucille, were there any pictures of women? I know the Saviors seem to favor keeping around women to take advantage of them. Do they view any woman as a threat?

Jeremy: I think they may be a threat but in comics Negan doesn’t kill women. In the show though Negan said he has killed women. The leader of Oceanside, forget name, seemed to be a strong leader and also a bit ruthless. Giving Tara that hope just to be setting her up for execution.

Kevin: Had to look it up, it is Natania is the leader’s name. You have to be ruthless though simply because of the circumstances of the world. Seems a little harsh to take out another woman given your circumstances and knowing that she had helped raid a Saviors outpost.

Jeremy: I wonder if that was a factor. In case she is found there or once she got back and Saviors ask about the new girl in Alexandria. If she had stated I am sure Tara lives on easy. If she only had a cell phone would have known Denise and the guy who believed in her are long gone.

Kevin: The Saviors don’t seem to do in depth interviews so I’m sure they would skip over one extra woman. But I can see the hesitation on Seaside’s end. They got out of their pact with the Saviors and even though they didn’t put a time line on it, they’ve been free of them for some period of time.

Jeremy: Here we go back with timeliness as well. How long have the Saviors been around? It seems they are a huge unit but just now hearing about em. They have a wide reach so bit sure how anybody is safe from them. So I can see this group coming up under problems and get forced in to some sort of alliance even if Tara didn’t rat them out.

Kevin: The Saviors had at least three communities under their thumb before ever running into Alexandria. They also had to get themselves organized which had to take some time too. A pretty impressive resume for the Saviors. I don’t see any reason for Tara to rat them out but the forced alliance makes sense. It isn’t happening in the next two episodes though.

Jeremy: OK so as far as this episode goes that’s about everything really. The problem is that every episode this year has been solo outside of the beginning and the third. I mean do we save this for the last episode? Cause this season hasn’t been good as far as story.

Kevin: I think it needs to be said that it’s been pretty underwhelming so far. Normally, there seemed to be one episode that bombed in each half season but these episodes keep being bad like a lingering fart.

Jeremy: Keep waiting for them to arch together but I get the feeling that is in two weeks for the half season. Ratings are down as well so it isn’t just us. Next weeks preview made it appear that it starts happening but too late for this season.


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